Sunday, August 2, 2009

I F*cking Hate you....

Ulcer. You don't let me enjoy all the foods I love....who wants nachos without the jalapenos? Carne asada tacos with no tapatio? Enchiladas with no red sauce? Fruit with no chamoy? I'm mexican so that means...I LOVE chili. Everything I eat has chili. I always have to have tapatio,it's like air to me,I'd die without it.From reading this you've probably guessed how I got the ulcer. But growing up,that's what I was surrounded by,HOT SAUCE. Every house we went to,they gave you chili with your food. I started loving it when I was 5 because my Mom tried punishing my for cussing by putting chili in my mouth. Didn't work. I became addicted. No one would share my food with me because I put so much hot sauce on everything. But now,I can't even have hot cheetos without worrying about getting heartburn. So now I'm on medication until who knows when. But I must admit,I had fun not worrying about what would happen if I ate this or that,eating until I felt like I was gonna burst. I also enjoyed drinking milk and not being afraid of the pain it would cause my stomach...but that's another story.

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