Saturday, October 23, 2010

Target Baby

Did some shopping at Target last night,mostly for Zoe. I got a few things..I haven't bought myself anything since I was pregnant. I feel like I've neglected myself,I've run out of so many things. But I'm FINALLY buying everything I need so I won't be walking around looking all are a few things we got:

                                     Zoe's grandma bought her a few outfits...
                                                Damian likes Zoe in brown =)
                                                All from the $1 section at Target...
                                    I have extremely dry skin during the winter
                                          Gonna give it a try..also want the lash blast 
                                              My penguin cup is mine <3

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Twitter Pictures, Images and Photos

I created an account...Follow me! MsJenni84


Hey girls! Here are some pics of Zoe,my little munchkin. Time is going by so fast and every day she's doing something different. She keeps me busy so most of the time my hair isn't done,I  have no makeup on and I  smell like baby throw up. lol. I am typing with one hand cause Zoe wants to be in my arms instead of sleeping on the bed.It's her world now and I'm just living in I love being a mom,I can't stop kissing her! Damian is an amazing father,he adores her and now when he comes home from work,she gets his kisses before I do! It's okay though =) There are  3 boys already claiming to be her future boyfriend and Damian isn't too happy about it. lol. I would say it's cause she looks like her mama,but she doesn't,she got her looks from her dad. BUT...she did get my attitude! This girl is Moo-oo-dy. Everyone that hears her is shocked at how much noise she makes when she wants something. That's me,when I want something,I want it NOW! I can't wait to see what she's like when she's older. But for now,I'm enjoying holding her and giving her ALL my kisses <3

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who doesn't love Halloween?

Hi ladies!! I hope you're all having a great morning! I am so excited for the upcoming holidays,there's a difference in the air right about this time. Everyone is busy decorating their house,buying candy,costumes and makeup. I love going to the stores and just browsing the aisles looking at all the new stuff they have out. This year will be Zoe's first Halloween and our first here in our new house so we plan on taking her out.( I can't wait to eat "her" candy) lol. All my nieces and nephews will be coming over too since my Mom and I are the ones who take them trick or treating. I didn't decorate our house because we don't plan on being here and to me,if you decorate your house it means you will be giving out candy. What do you think? What are your plans for halloween? Any of you girls dressing up?

                                                             I heart Sinful Colors
 Queen of Beauty..Damian picked it out =)
I bought these for my nieces
$1.99 not bad!
Zoe's Ladybug Costume
Her candy bag
Damian's masks and my witch mask (at Target)
Zoe's bib..also from target.

My friend Christine bought me this when I gave birth to Zoe.
 In 4 days Zoe will be one month,can you believe it?

Thursday, October 7, 2010



Hey girls =)

I hope you're all doing well! As for me and Zoe,we're great. Sorry for the lack of posts,but I've just been home taking care of the little one so there's not much to blog about. I have lost most of my baby weight and I plan on working out once the 6 weeks is up. I've gotten stretch marks...AFTER I gave birth. What the hell!! So I'm not too happy about that but hey,what can you do. Right now my life revolves around diapers,breast pumping and burping and I love it. Zoe is such a moody girl,you can tell she has her Mama's attitude! She smiles sooooo much and always make her O face.She hardly cries,which is a plus =) Damian is so in love with her,I love seeing them two together. She has him wrapped around her little finger. She is the first grandchild on his side and also the first great grandchild,so she is like the center of attention right now. She is my Moms 12th grandchild but when you see how my Mom gets you'd think it was her 1st. lol. I'm still amazed that I'm a Mommy now. Sometimes it scares me because I realize just how big of a responsibility it is,but I'm taking it one day at a time. I love that little girl so much it's crazy!

I will be doing some new posts that aren't Mommy-related soon! Miss you girls!