Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer must have!

I love Old Navy flip flops,I'm addicted to them. I have been a faithful user for years now and in Arizona during the summer they are a must! I think wedges are also adorable but being pregnant I really don't think that's a good idea,I'm a bit clumsy and I'll end up tripping. =/  I'm a pretty casual dresser so these flip flops go perfect with my outfits. And you can't beat the price...$2.50!!!!
What are your perfect summer shoes?

 My baby shower invites came today! I can't wait to celebrate the big day with my family and friends!

I ordered them from Hallmark. My theme colors are going to be pink and brown. =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mini Haul

                                                                    (in plum)
                                                              Salsa and French Kiss
                                                                I have sensitive skin =)
                                                                  A MUST in Arizona
                                                        Also a MUST! I hate stinky pits =/
                                                             $2.50 at the swapmeet!
                                             Mine and Zoe's Vans...aren't they adorable!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Prego Update!

Today I am 6 months. Time is going by so fast,it's hard to believe my little Zoe will soon be here. She kicks NON STOP and I'm growing bigger and bigger every week. I weigh more than I'd like to say and I'm already thinking of working out once she's here. If I walk for a certain amount of time,my feet get so swollen I look like Fred Flintstone. haha. Excuse my white belly,but I really don't want to tan while pregnant. In the first pic I'm 7 weeks. At the time I took the picture I thought I was fat. I'm a dumbass! Maybe that's why I'm gaining so much weight,to teach me to appreciate my body more. haha. But I realize my body doesn't belong to me,it's Zoe's and the only thing I have to do is eat right and take my prenatals. =)
This coming weekend is going to be a big one,so I'll post pictures and let you know why it was so big!
Hope you Lovely ladies are doing well!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Latest Purchases.

1. Hello Kitty from party place...decided to give all my collection to Zoe once she's old enough.

2. The house on Mango street...loving it so far.

3.Delicious candy apple....thinking about eating right now. lol

4.Mint Julep Masque and  Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner. Haven't tried them so I'll keep you posted.

5. Latest nail polishes...haven't tried them either but I love the colors!

6. Confessions of a video vixen...can't wait to read it.

7. Pure makeup...doesn't really go on well with my skin type so I might give it to my sister. Good thing I bought the small size. lol

Hey =) decided to do a Mommy's post since I've been writing about the baby lately. I do buy myself things,just not clothes since this belly won't stop If any of you have tried the masque and have sensitive skin let me know how it worked for you.

Little Monkey.

Zoe's them for her room will be brown and pink. We're trying to get all her clothes now but it seems like every time we go to the store they're sold out. haha. We've gotten booties,blankets,onesies...but we gotta get more winter clothes since she'll be born in october.  I love her little monkey outfit,the color is so pretty. We have to order the crib and bedding online since most stores don't seem to have what we want. I'm also ordering the baby shower favors online...don't worry,I'm posting pictures of everything once I get them! This week I'm doing the baby registry too. So much to do for this little girl! I'll keep you girls posted. Hope you guys are having a great day!! xoxoxo

Ninja Kicks.

Here's my little ninja kicking! If you can't see,it's mostly on the right side. =) And no,I'm not naked. You can't see my shorts and my shirt is all you dirty minded girls get your head out the gutter. lol

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Zoe

                                                       Baby Bib and Rattle! So cute!

 Well as you can see,we chose the name Zoe! Her full name will be Zoe Anabel Perez. Yes,her initials are ZAP! I am almost 22 weeks now and I am getting bigger and bigger. I gained 9 1/2 lbs in 4 weeks which is a little bad since I'm the one making myself gain that weight,not the baby. But what can I do,I get hungry! So now I make sure to not over indulge. I have been reading  "What to expect when you're expecting" and it's been very helpful. My friend in Texas surprised me with the cowboys baby set,my boyfriend Damian loves it!  And of course,the Hello Kitty bib and rattle are my favorite,I sent a pic to all my friends as soon as we bought them! How adorable are they! Baby Zoe kicks sooooo much,it's the most amazing feeling ever,they are getting stronger and stronger. I still don't get weird craving,no nausea whatsoever and I can still squeeze into my clothes,but I know that VERY soon I'll be needing maternity pants. I'll be doing my registry within the next two weeks and I'll be sending baby shower invites out next month. I sure wish I knew some of you girls in real life,I would invite you in a heartbeat! Well,this was just a mini update to let you know what name we chose,I hope you girls like it,let me know! Have a great day!!! xoxoxoxo

 How far along? 21 weeks 3 days.
Weight gain? 15 pounds
Food cravings? Mostly burgers...extra pickles please.
Sleeping? It's getting harder. I have to sleep on my side and that's taking some getting used to.
Movement? Everyday! Especially after I eat,my baby is a little piggy!
Gender? Girl!! My little Princess <3
What I miss? Lying on my back and daiquiris....yummy.
Exciting Moments? Recording Zoe move and finding out she was a girl,I was shocked to say the least!