Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoe's 2nd Birthday pt.2

On Zoe's actual birthday Sunday the 23rd,we decided to take her and my nephew out since his birthday was a few days before hers. It was just us four but we had a great time!

                                                          My nephew,Zoe and Damian

                       Zoe didn't want to get in the car,she loves playing with rocks.

                                                     So of course she had a fit.lol

                                                             And then fell asleep.

                                Playing Fruit Ninja. She yells "No bombs No Bombs!"

                                               How adorable does she look?!

As you can see,Zoe had a great time. Afterwards Damian took me to Ulta since Him and the kids played games while I took the pictures (that's why I'm not in any. I was pretty mad about it!) It was a good day though. I really can't complain.

Zoe's 2nd Birthday! (pic heavy)


Well,it's already been a year since I posted Zoe's last birthday party. Crazy. Time goes way too fast. Pretty soon I'll be sharing pictures from her first day of school! But until then,I'll share with you her 2nd birthday pictures =)
I went with a cupcake theme,but I didn't buy everything with cupcakes on them. I figured we were gonna throw everything away anyways AND the food was going to be expensive so  why spend a lot of $$ on decorations? For a while I wished I did go all out with the decorations,but no one seemed to care. All they wanted was food and cake. lol. I posted a lot of pictures,so you've been warned!

                                                      Pink and green for boys and girls  

                                            I made 35 candy bags and it wasn't enough!

                           I decided to dress her comfortably since we were at the park

                                                The Birthday Girl and her balloon =)

                                                             Her little pinata =)

                                                           Zoe and her Dad

Zoe had a great time playing with all her cousins,which is all that mattered. I look forward to all her birthday parties!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Muji Drawers

Hi ")

Yes I know I suck when it comes to being consistent. I'm sorry. But even as I write this Zoe is putting her fingers on the screen and following the words I type. lol. She is so full of energy and I really don't get any time to myself. When she naps,I nap. That's how tired I get! Anyways,let me get onto the post.
For some time now I have been hearing about Muji drawers and after seeing a few posts on them,I really wanted one,seeing as how I just had a little container holding a few pieces of my makeup. The rest was stored under my bathroom sink =/ I have quite a few pics to show you. Hope you enjoy!

                                               IT CAME WRAPPED PRETTY GOOD!

                               Every thing was just thrown around on my counter.

I finally got to bring out a few of my favorite makeup items. This was before I put back all my lotions/perfumes/Makeup Brushes

The top drawer has my most used lip products. Yes,The Lip Butters are all either Berry Smoothie or Strawberry Shortcake (my favorites!)

                      More lip products. As you can tell,I'm not big on eyeshadow lol

               Blushes,Bronzers and Eyeshadows. I really have to clean that blush!

         I actually de-potted that Stila palette,an UD one and a few others and put them in that Z Palette. And I only cut myself once =D

                              And here's just the usual lip products,eyeliners etc.

All in All,I really love this drawer. I love the look,the feel and the price. I plan on getting one more soon since I still have more makeup under my sink (haha) and I've bought more (oops)
I hope you liked this post. Let me know if you have this or want this! xoxo

                ** Drawer can be purchased at muji.us for about $27 + shipping