Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite Beauty Products in 2010 & NOTD

These are the products I wore 98% of the time. I have LOTS of beauty products that I have yet to use,but I'm waiting for the right when we go out without the baby. I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. haha.

1. I love Pantene shampoo & conditioner. It's the only one I use.
2.Vera Wang's Princess perfume
3.Aussie Leave In Conditioner. 
4.John Frieda Heat Defeat (a must)
5.Secret Antiperspirant
6.Avon Makeup Remover
7.Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Classic Ivory
8.E.L.F Clear Eyebrow & Eyelash Mascara
9.Olay Moisturizer
10.Bio Oil for Stretch Marks
11. Maybelline Great Lash Big in Blackest Black
12.Rosebud Salve  (love it)
13. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Folly
14.Burt's Bee's Lip Balm
15.Eyeshadow Brush (forgot the brand)
16.E.L.F Eyeshadow in Matte Mauve
17. N.Y.C Brow Pencil in Brown

And there you have it =) What were YOUR favorite beauty Products?

I think this color -Queen of Beauty- will be perfect for New Year's Eve. It looks a lot more sparkly in person.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And All That Razz....

I've been into berry colors this year and my favorite so far is Razz by Rimmel. I was looking at Essie colors and they're beautiful! I can't wait to purchase some =)

                                               (excuse the crappy color job)

Monday, December 27, 2010

E.L.F Presents

For Christmas my good friend Christine bought me e.l.f makeup. She had never seen it before so she was shocked at the price. I'm sure she's gonna be a faithful buyer from now on!

                                                   I love the makeup bag!

                                        Brown,Silver and Black eyeliners

                                                 Hypershine    Lip Gloss

                                                    Love the colors

                                            Mascara and eyeliners

I haven't took them out of the box because I think they're so cute. lol. What did you girls get for Christmas?

Bath & Body Works

For Christmas I received a gift card for BBW and since they're having they're up to 75% off sale,I decided to go. I got a few things and when I gave them my gift card,they gave me my change back in cash. Sweet.

                             (I also got my Mom some body butter)
                                           My total came out to $16. =)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

                       From my little Grinch

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CSN & Baby Zoe

My CSN package came today. I won  Karen's $35 giveaway to and I decided to order something for Zoe. I had a little money left over so I bought the cute coin purse since my hello kitty one decided to give out on me and the zipper broke =/


                                 Guess who turns 3 months today?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Early Christmas Presents

So today I was woken up by Damian who told me to get Zoe and meet him in the living room. When I walked in he had a bag full of stuff for me. I asked why didn't he wait to give them to me for Christmas,he said he couldn't wait and that he wasn't done,there were a few more things he was going to get me. He said he loves seeing me get excited <3 There are a few other things I didn't photograph,only because I already put them away.

                                 I'm gonna put a pic of Zoe in here <3

                                               A blanket =)

                                                   How cute is this!

The flowers in the middle right are just like Zoe's

Damian sure knows how to make me feel special <3

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I got...

I used my $15 gift card that Sephora sent,I'm sure you all got one or heard about it.I decided to get something simple since I'm around the baby 99.9% of the time and don't have time to put on makeup or I'm so caught up in making sure she has everything she needs when we leave that I just don't feel like putting any on.

                                            My samples  

       I think the cologne smells like baby powder 0_o

                                             Korres Lip butter in Quince

                                                Oooh la la!

Did any of you get a gift card? What did you buy?

I won!

   I won Karen's CSN $35 Giveaway!

  I just put in my order so as soon as I get it,I'll blog about what I got. And again,Thank you sooooo much Karen!!! xoxo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


                       Zoe got her ears pierced!
                                                   They're pink flowers

On the 11th we took Zoe to Claire's to get her ears pierced. Damian didn't want anything to do with it because he didn't want to see Zoe cry. So I held her while his Mom stood in front in case I needed her bottle or pacifier. Well,as soon as the woman pierced the first ear Zoe cried like I've  never seen her cry-she even shed a tear,her first one!- And I felt so bad and it took a few seconds to calm her down so they could do the other one. She cried just as hard for that one. For a moment I regretted going there and doing it because I hated seeing Zoe like that. As soon as I stood up with her,she stopped crying. By the time we were walking out of claires,she had her head up and was looking around the mall =)She's a tough little cookie! Sometimes I think I should have waited,but when we pierced my nieces ears who were older than Zoe,they still cried. I don't know. There's nothing I can do about it now. She's happy,she's healthy and her ears don't bother her so that's all that matters.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

 The lovely Keira from Keirasluckycharm tagged me! Thank you girl!

In this tag, you name 3 of your imperfections & 3 of your perfections.

My 3 imperfections:

1. My smile/teeth.  I have small teeth and it makes my smile look weird. I got veneers when I was 18 but I hate those too. lol

2. My shoulders. I call this a "Tapia Trait" the women in my family have big broad shoulders and when we gain weight,the first place it goes is to our arms,making our shoulders look even bigger. A joke I always hear around Halloween is, "What are you gonna be Jennifer,a linebacker?"ha  ha...assholes.


3.My stretch marks. I know most Moms call them "war wounds" but I went all my life without a single one and now I have them in places I don't want you guys to Here are the ones on my upper thighs:

My 3 Perfections

1. I love my height,I am 4'11 and I'm shorter than everyone I know. Except my sister..she's 4'9!!

2.My hands. Yes,they might be short and wrinkly to you,but to me they're beautiful. I bit my nails most of my life and I was soooo embarrassed by them but now I'm very proud of them!

3. My hair. I haven't been good to it,I've dyed it over 20 times and my dumb ass even BLEACHED it. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. After I did all those horrible things to it,it's still in good condition and I get compliments on how good it smells and how soft it is.
Thank you Pantene! lol



Monday, December 6, 2010


Christmas is just around the corner ladies! Have you decorated your tree yet? What's on your wishlist? This will be Zoe's 1st Christmas and I can't wait to spoil the little princess!

                                        Our X-mas lights!

                                         I decorated the tree =)

                                                      Zoe and the snowman

                               Already getting Christmas cards!

                                          Zoe's 1st ornament =)


                           Damian's a little obsessed with lights...

                                                  Our Zoe tree!!

                                           Damian putting the last of the lights up.

I think Christmas is my favorite Holiday. lol. I would really love to see how you've decorated your house and tree!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 (She's riding a rollercoaster in her sleep)

Zoe is 2 months old!!!!


 I got these on Sunday. Damian and I took my niece to McDonalds and I told him to ask for the hello kitty watch when he ordered my niece a happy meal and he came back with these for me! Aww he can be so sweet sometimes. lol. When I read your comment I knew I just had to show you =)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Candy Girl.

Hey ladies!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend. Are you guys excited for Thanksgiving? I am! It will be Zoe's first and I wish I could feed her some turkey,ham and pumpkin pie but there's always next year =) This past weekend we went shopping because I haven't lost all the baby weight and I don't have that much stuff to wear. Well,as I tried things on I got pretty sad and frustrated because I am bigger than I thought. I only got about 3 things =/ But I did pick up a few things I've been wanting at target and walgreens,so it made me perk up some. lol.

                                                Gotta have fresh breath!

                                  It was about 5 bucks. Not bad.

                                  I used to LOVE this.

                                   A must have for me.

                    I've heard nothing but good things about this one...

                       Decided to also give this one a try

                             Have any of you tried this?

                                                 Bite the bullet

                                            Private Viewing


                                          Dancing Nails

                                     I'm addicted to junk food!!

  My Mom bought this for me,I LOVE it!!! (it's a popcorn tin)

                                                 Cardigan from Wet Seal

                                                 2 v-necks

                                    Zoe and her Daddy got vans

Photo album for Zoe

I do!!

They do =)

Cupcake bib!

This is on the back shirt