Monday, January 31, 2011

Well how the hell are ya?!

                       from taking my blood pressure so much...

The IV bloated my hand!

Sorry..just HAD to share. heehee

  Came back from surgery to find this....

Hey! Seems like I haven't been on here in forever. As you can tell,I was in the hospital. For 5 long ass days! I had to get my gallbladder removed and to have a tube with a camera shoved down my stomach because a gallstone was stuck in my bile duct. I had the worse experience there..they kept poking me,trying to "find" a vein which left me with bruises all over,they left me waiting 7 HOURS for surgery and didn't feed me or give me water for 3 days! I would even ask for something and I would never get a response! I'm never going back there. The only upside I can see is I lost about 5lbs. I missed Zoe like crazy,I would even cry.It's gonna take about 4 weeks to get back to health,but I'm happy to be home and can't wait to get back to blogging regularly. 

p.s I can't hold Zoe for 4 weeks and it's already driving me crazy. The little munchkin is sleeping right now so I decided to sneak away for a bit =) 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Makeup By Claire's Giveaway!

Claire has reached 100 followers and she's doing an awesome giveaway to celebrate! Find her HERE. If you're not following her yet...what are you waiting for??

Nail Polish

As you already know,I love nail polish =)


                                                           Steel Grey


                                                     Savage & Hazard

                     I got these from the $1 section at Target =)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I saw this tag HERE and decided to do it =)




Color (coral)

Past Time


I think all you should do it too =)

(all photos are from


My Princess is 4 months old today!!!

Zoe is now teething! She has one tooth popping through,she will be eating baby cereal for the first time this week and she loves grabbing things and putting them in her mouth.  She's the light of my life and I am so thankful to be her Mommy.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

EOS who?

My mom bought me this. Jealous??

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chop chop

I cut my hair. I grew tired of brushing all them damn tangles,using all that conditioner and I hated the fact that my layers were no longer there. I thought of getting a bob but since my baby fat is still present in my face,I didn't want to end up looking like a cabbage patch doll. The only down side to my hair cut (which I love) is the girl cut it 2 inches shorter than I asked for. I didn't get mad because well,hair is hair. And my hair seems to grow pretty fast. I also dyed it but I haven't took any pictures to show you. Let me know what you think...even if you agree with me looking like a cabbage patch doll.

                                                           Naturally Wavy


Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm not a big coffee drinker and I rarely go to Starbucks,but a few  months back my mother-in-law had this insulated starbucks cup that a friend brought back from Hawaii. I instantly fell in love with it and I don't know I had heard a few girls were looking for it and couldn't find it. About a week later on black friday the BF and I decided to get some hot chocolate since we were freezing our buns soon as I walked into SB I saw these cups and grabbed one. Since then my mother-in-law has broken her cup and won't stop eyeballing We tried finding her another but they said they've been sold out. I'm so glad I got mine when I did. The only thing I've liked so far at SB is the Vanilla Bean..I think that's what it's called? Do any of you have this cup?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Tacos?

Who doesn't love tacos?

If you don't,you're a weirdo. Tacos are my favorite food,especially carne asada tacos.Add some lemon,onion,cilantro and tapatio and I'm good! I read in the Phoenix New Times about this small restaurant called America's Taco Shop. The owner's name is America.It serves only carne asada in their burritos,tacos,quesadillas and tortas. On the weekends they have ceviche...another favorite of mine.The food is fresh,the environment is laid back and since it was basically a house turned into a restaurant you feel "at home". If you live in Phoenix I highly recommend this place. Damian and I drive from Tolleson to Phoenix just to eat here. We love it!

                                    There's sitting inside and out

                         Their menu is written on the top of the walls.

                                          Everything's on Facebook now!

                                            Damian waiting to order =)


             Damian hates the way the cheese smells but I love it!

*Sorry for the blurry pics,I took them with my phone.


Monday, January 10, 2011

I went Shopping

This week Damian bought me my very first Essie polish. I have been wanting to get "Very Cranberry" for a long time but I thought 8 bucks for polish was ridiculous. BUT he put me in a situation I didn't want to be in and I told him to get off my shit list he had to buy it for me. And he threw in an eyeliner as a bonus =) Today I went to Walgreens because they're having a 50% off sale on Wet n Wild cosmetics. There wasn't much (obviously) so I grabbed what I could before the lady next to me did. haha!

 Haze of love,Knock on wood,Kitten and Just Peachy

Very cranberry polish and Dark Brown NYX eyeliner

Cherry Fashion. This looks a little darker in person

I hate big earrings. Small ones like these are perfect for me =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cheapo Weapo

I call my boyfriend "Cheapo Weapo" because he hates being cheap and well,I like teasing him. I'm actually the frugal one. I MUST stop and look at all the clearance items and I get pretty excited when I get something for a cheaper price. =) There seemed to be a lot of sales going on the week after Christmas. I've never shopped around that time so I was pretty surprised. Everything in this post was on sale.

                                 Normally $12,I got it for $7

                              I think I'm the last person to buy this..


                                   Garnier Products were 2 for 5 I think?

                     The humidity in Arizona is RIDICULOUS

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Award of the Year!

I was given this award by  La Cabrona ! Thanks!

And you write ten facts about yourself:

1.I LOVE Tapatio. I won't eat most foods without it!!
2.When I was little I wanted to be a writer.
3. I HATE my middle name. 
4.I've never met my real father. And I don't care.
5.My favorite color is Coral.
6.I cuss like a goddamn sailor.
7. I usually read my new books in two days.
8.I gag whenever I smell chocolate mint. UGH!!
9.I'm feisty. I don't like arguing because I end up throwing the first punch. =/
10. I'm double jointed in my hands. I can do weird things with my fingers.

I Tag my last 10 know who you are. =)

Zoe & Daddy

Damian is addicted to games. I hate it. And now he says he's gonna have Zoe playing with him....

                                                                Uh Oh...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Prize

Ok,I gotta let you girls know why I didn't make a post about this sooner. As you all know,I won Ann's giveaway from  therealdealreviews 

Christmas came and went. I was wondering when she sent it out because she said I'd be able to enjoy it over the holidays. I wasn't really worried until a close friend from Texas asked if I had received her Christmas card. When I told her I hadn't she said she had sent it out WEEKS before. That got me wondering about Ann's prize. I ask everyone-room mate,post office,boyfriend...even Ann about it. Nothing. The Mail Man said there's nothing he can do about it and I'm here thinking he stole it as a last minute gift for his daughter. (mean,I know) To make a long story short...My room mate had it. Now,I know what you're thinking (my mom thought the same thing) but I KNEW she had a package because she told me someone accidentally sent us someone elses mail and that she was gonna return it.I didn't bother to look at it, I even saw it in her car on Christmas Eve. A few days ago  I asked her again,this time I said it was delivered here but hello,I didn't get it. So she comes into the kitchen and says "here's that package I was talking about, I think there's a video tape in there" I look and it's MY PRIZE. I told her and she says "oooh I thought it said Realtor and Kenny instead of Jenny!" She wears glasses because she can't see up close. D'Oh!
(that wasn't a short story,ha ha)

                                              Thanks so much Ann!!!



Hope you all had a great night!!!