Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been really into lipstick lately after wearing it for the first time a while back. It makes me feel different,confident and grown up. Weird how a little tube of lipstick can do that to a girl. Anyways,since I am starting out,I am slowly finding colors to go with my skin tone,but I've ran into a problem..I always buy one that slightly a bit different the one I bought before. UGH. As for nail polish,I always know which color to get =)

                          Can a girl ever have too much stuff?

                   It's flip flop season,gotta bust out the polish!
                                         White on,Mint Sorbet,Grey Area
Capri Coral,Forget Now,Violet Metal,Orange Knockout and white.
Papaya,Pink in the Afternoon,Delish,Rose & Shine,Rose Blush
EOS lip balm (my first)
          They're all pretty close in color. But I love them all!

       I got this little guy in the dollar section at Target

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My latest prizes

          Tart Deco,Watermelon,California Coral & base coat

I got these with the Apothica gift card I won. I think they're perfect for summer.

                               I won Ava's giveaway and this is what I got =)

                                                  A makeup starter kit!

I love everything I got!! All my friends keep saying they want to make a blog just so they can win stuff too. haha.

Girly's Beauty Giveaway!

The Lovely Leslie at GIRLY'S BEAUTY is having an awesome giveaway!

 Enter so you have a chance to win ALL this!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zoe's Half-Year Birthday

Today Zoe turns 6 months old. We call it her "half year birthday" since she's half a year away from being One. Time is going by so fast,pretty soon my baby will be walking and telling me "No!". She is ALMOST crawling,she pushes herself on the ground like a little soldier. Another big thing happened,she fell off the couch. Her aunt left her there without telling anyone. I happened to be sitting at the table eating and for some reason I looked at the couch and that's when I saw Zoe rolling off. I screamed and jumped out of my chair. Damian got her before I did and she was crying soooo hard. She got a little bump in the back of her head and she kept trying to fall asleep. We kept her up and a few minutes later she was playing on the floor. I felt so bad,like it was somehow my fault. I knew there were going to be times when she falls and hurts herself but I didn't think it was going to happen so soon. Her bump has gone away and I don't see any signs of post-traumatic stress Sorry,just trying to be funny.

                                                  Zoe & her cousin Bella

                                                    Her chair Nana bought

                                                   She pulls her own hair!

                                          And of course,she loves her feet.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Aloha Festival

Hello Ladies. I know I've been slacking in the blogging department but sometimes being a Mom just makes you..lazy. I have a few new posts coming so I hope that makes up for it. 
This past Sunday we went to Arizona's Aloha Festival which was super fun but Damian's family from Cali was here and they couldn't take the heat (it was 80 degrees) and we left super early. It pissed me off because I was really excited to go and I didn't even get to sample any food. BOO.But I got to be out with my little family and we ended up having a good day =)

                                     I didn't even get to see the dancers =/
                                            Zoe trying to get her Lei

                                                                   So good!
                                     We ended up walking on Mill Ave. =/
                               We did see men in wedding dresses!
                                       We found a candy store =)
                                  Zoe was holding her own balloon!
I gave up junk food for lent but I still bought these
                                             Zoe with her gifts
                                             Fried pickles are GROSS.
My real Lei...dying and busted up because Zoe kept pulling the flowers out.

How was YOUR weekend??

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Zoe's World After All


You think she's playing all nice and quiet...

                                                    But don't be fooled....

.....She's a feisty little monster!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I found this Q & A post on the lovely Keira's blog and decided to do it. To see what she put just check out her blog HERE

Have you ever stolen a street sign before- No,but in our old apartment we had a sign in there..don't know where it came from. ??
Do you chew on your pens/pencils-  Nope
What is the point of life? -  To Love.
Do you get in trouble for things you didn't do? - Sometimes.I'm a meanie in real life so people assume I am the one who does certain things. (like making someone cry)
What do you dip a chicken nugget in? -  Barbecue sauce
Usual bedtime? -  11:30 ish.
Legos or Lincoln Logs? - Legos!
Ever used a gun? -  Heck No. I'm afraid of them.
Cheetos or Fritos? -  Cheetos...with Lemon or Cheese Sauce from Circle K!!
What do you wear to bed?-  Usually sweats and a big shirt. 
Would you hit your friend if you found out that
he/she were going with your bf/gf? -  I'd do more than both of them.
When you look in a mirror just after waking up,
 what thought runs through your head? - WHOA! 
What's the stupidest thing you've done? - Lots of's called being a kid.
Would you talk to a stranger on the internet? - I have,but nowadays people are straight up perverted.
What is the best lollipop flavour? - Cherry!
If you were walking down a street and somebody
 sprayed you with water, what would
 you do? -  Depends on if they were old or kids.
Who’s car were you last in that wasn’t family? - Eh,don't remember.
Are they a good driver in your opinion? - Um..maybe?
What is your favorite zoo animal? -  One that doesn't stink. Kidding. Don't have one.
What food do you eat too much of? - Tacos. I'm addicted.
What kind of hairstyle do you have? -The short,layered boring kind. Jealous?
Whats your least favorite food? -  Liver. Salisbury Steaks.Shepherds Pie.YUCK. Anyone one of those.
What do you do on a Sunday night? - Usually visit family.
If you could only use one condiment on your
 food for the rest of your life,
 what would it be? - TAPATIO! That's a condiment..right? 
What color are your sheets? -  Light Blue.
How big is your computer display? -  Fuck if I know.
Ever cried out of happiness? -The moment I laid eyes on my daughter. Then I wouldn't
Go to your pictures, what is #33 of? - Zoe..2 months old and smiling like her Daddy =)
When you need someone to talk to,
 who do you go to? - Damian or my Mom
What pair of shoes do you wear most often? - My black and white Vans
What is your current favorite game? - Frontierville. Wow. That was embarrassing.
What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? -Ham. Never really liked turkey.
What is your favorite pizza topping? - Pepperoni
Louis Vuitton or Dooney? - Neither. Not my style.
Do you believe in the saying,
 "Once a cheater, always a cheater?" No. Damian is the ONLY guy I've never cheated on. That sounds kinda whore-ish. Hmm. But I'm not. I just never took anyone seriously before.
What's in your wallet? - Good question...where is my wallet??
Losing all your old memories, or never
 being able to make new one?-Losing old ones
Why do bad things happen to
 good people?- Because No good deed goes unpunished.
Three things you would want if
 you were stranded on an island?- A book,Sunblock and my bathing suit =D
Who would you want to bring with you? Maguyver. That Mofo could build us a boat made out of coconuts,my book and some sand.
What time do you plan on waking up tomorrow? Early...which is what I call "Zoe time"
What is your favorite day of the year? - Christmas. I'm a good gift giver.
Your mom goes to college! - Your Mama wears combat boots. oooh!
Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer? - Psh...2 legit 2 quit!
Done anything illegal lately? - Is not going to jury duty illegal? Cause if it is,I never got the letter!
Should Obi-Wan have chopped
 off Annikan's Head? - What's an Obi-Wan?
Would you eat a cow eye for a price? - eeeeew. Maybe. How much? Mama got bills to pay!
If you could be a mythical creature,
 what would you be? - A Unicorn. Heck yes.
If you could be on any TV show,
 what would it be? -  The Bad Girls Club. I just wanna hit one of them. Just once.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nail Polish & Lipstick

Most of you know I am obsessed with nail polish. My current favorites are China Glaze's Crackle Polish. Another current fav is lipstick. I've never really worn it but this past weekend when the beau and I went out to dinner I decided to wear some. He was pretty shocked because we've been together going on 5 years and he's NEVER seen me wear lipstick. He really liked it and I felt different...but in a good way. So I went out and got a few  more.

                                I'm still trying to figure it

                      I used to WORST color combinations!

            The white one is my least favorite to use.

Haha..I have NO idea what I was thinking. Sorry!

     Temptress,Heavenly and Coral Reef

Hopefully I figure the right colors to use with the crackle I'm having a hard time picking lipsticks for my skin you can see,I'm pretty pale. If you can suggest a few colors,I'd be very grateful!

p.s. If you didn't know,you can vote and "like" once a day for Zoe! Thanks!