Sunday, November 21, 2010

Candy Girl.

Hey ladies!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend. Are you guys excited for Thanksgiving? I am! It will be Zoe's first and I wish I could feed her some turkey,ham and pumpkin pie but there's always next year =) This past weekend we went shopping because I haven't lost all the baby weight and I don't have that much stuff to wear. Well,as I tried things on I got pretty sad and frustrated because I am bigger than I thought. I only got about 3 things =/ But I did pick up a few things I've been wanting at target and walgreens,so it made me perk up some. lol.

                                                Gotta have fresh breath!

                                  It was about 5 bucks. Not bad.

                                  I used to LOVE this.

                                   A must have for me.

                    I've heard nothing but good things about this one...

                       Decided to also give this one a try

                             Have any of you tried this?

                                                 Bite the bullet

                                            Private Viewing


                                          Dancing Nails

                                     I'm addicted to junk food!!

  My Mom bought this for me,I LOVE it!!! (it's a popcorn tin)

                                                 Cardigan from Wet Seal

                                                 2 v-necks

                                    Zoe and her Daddy got vans

Photo album for Zoe

I do!!

They do =)

Cupcake bib!

This is on the back shirt


Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been kissed =)

By Yuri !!!

So here I go:

1.What time did you wake up this morning?  I think 8ish? I wake up every 2 hours to feed Zoe but that was the time I finally stood

2.Name of the last pet you owned? I have a cat named Mojo.

3.Last Song you jammed out to in your car?I don't "jam" out. Lame,I know.

4.Name of your first kiss? Hugo Sixtos. They used to call me Jenny Seventoes. lol.

5.Least Favorite Food? I can't think of one right now. Maybe that's why I haven't lost any baby weight. lol

6.Favorite TV Show? Boardwalk Empire,I LOVE it!!

7.One Word to Describe you? Shy.

8.3 passions?  Reading,Writing and Being a Mommy =)

9.Last person you were a Cabrona to? My boyfriend,I gave him attitude before he left for work. =/

10.Last text message in your inbox? " Uh Oh"-from my boyfriend.

I tag all my new followers!!! 

My Heart.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

I need a camcorder...

I've been wanting to buy a camcorder to record all the new things Zoe has been doing:sucking her thumb,holding her head up and rolling onto her side. But for now I'm gonna have to settle for my phone and camera.  It's not the best quality,but I still love this video!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection

Hey Ladies =)

I'm pretty sure most of you know I LOVE nail polish. I think it's because I bit my nails most of my life (I'm a very shy & nervous girl) and I always wanted to paint my nails but how could I when they were just nubs? I was really embarrassed by them and never showed anyone. But a few years ago when I was about 22-23 I stopped biting them. Just like that. I wasn't even trying to quit,which I had tried countless times before. Ever since then I have been happy and proud to show them off and I have been obsessed with nail polish too. Sorry for the bad lighting but I was trying to be quick and quiet since both Zoe and Damian are asleep. I'm a big fan of pink and red colors but lately I've been expanding my color selection by buying colors I normally wouldn't. What are your favorite colors?

                                   Sinful Colors (my favorite)

                                  Rimmel (used to be my fav)

                                    Wet n Wild (all were gifts)

                                          Pure Ice (the bf bought them)


                                       Hello Kitty (from Claire's)

Finger Paints (from Sally's)

 You can tell where I got these from!


Forever 21 ( I want more!!)

I actually bought another nail polish today but that'll be for a later haul =) I'm thinking of giving the nail polishes I've never used to my nieces since they're old enough to use them and take care of them. That way I can by new ones and Damian won't give me crap about

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


She makes my heart melt...


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Itsy bitsy haul

Hey girls =)

Do you have the same problem I do..a boyfriend who HATES shopping with you because you take forever picking just one thing out? Well this past weekend I finally went to buy myself everything I needed but I made the mistake of going with Damian. Every 5 seconds I heard..are you done? Is that it? What else are you gonna get? Aaargh!!! So I just grabbed a few things and made a mental note of going back to the store alone or with Zoe ( my future sidekick) . 

                 Didn't need this,but come on,it's HELLO KITTY!!

Not a big foundation wearer so it took a while to pick the right shade. (classic ivory)

                                  For my crazy eyebrows that never stay put!

                  Heard lots of good reviews about this lipstick. We'll see!!!

This was to help with my milk production..sadly I stopped a few days ago because I couldn't keep up with Zoe's feeding schedule. Damn you boobies!! lol. It made my sweat and pee smell like maple syrup!!

 For the stretch marks I have and the dry skin on my face . It has a pleasant smell. Hopefully it works!

 The Tresemme one weighs my hair down,but this one is perfect.

I'm prone to

Can you girls believe it's November already?? I love this time of year!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Zoe's 1st Halloween

            Zoe's daytime outfit,Damian picked out her glitter pants!

           I think she got mad at me for taking so many

                                                      Zoe with all her cousins
                                                           Zoe the ladybug <3

                                                  Zoe all bundled up and happy =)

                                                   Zoe,Daddy and a few cousins

                                       Me and Zoe relaxing after a long night <3

I hope you girls had a happy and safe Halloween,can't wait to see all your pictures!