Sunday, January 31, 2010

E.L.F mini haul

 There was a special,buy 10 items and you only pay $5 for S&H. Not bad =)



Matte Mauve (I had to try them out!)

                                                                Silver Lining
                                           Smudge Eye Sponge & Defining Eye Brush
Mocha Swirl

                                               Liquid eye liner in black
                                                                  Eyelid primer

I'm a beginner when it comes to makeup,so I figured elf would be the perfect makeup to practice on since it's only a buck each! Do you guys use any of these products? If so,please let me know what your opinion is! I'll be giving my opinion after I've tried all these on. =)


Tineasha said...

i've never heard of this brand. But seeing as it's a dollar each it might not turn out dark enough with the eyeshadow. Let me know what happens cus if it does that's a good deal!! :)
Makeups easy to get the hang of...and it helps to watch youtube videos if you need help!
Good luck girl

I am now following your blog:)

LCzinha said...

I've bought a few things from E.L.F about 4 months ago. I bought their whole brush set and a few eyeshadows. Silver lining is actually one of them.