Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hey girls! Here are some pics of Zoe,my little munchkin. Time is going by so fast and every day she's doing something different. She keeps me busy so most of the time my hair isn't done,I  have no makeup on and I  smell like baby throw up. lol. I am typing with one hand cause Zoe wants to be in my arms instead of sleeping on the bed.It's her world now and I'm just living in I love being a mom,I can't stop kissing her! Damian is an amazing father,he adores her and now when he comes home from work,she gets his kisses before I do! It's okay though =) There are  3 boys already claiming to be her future boyfriend and Damian isn't too happy about it. lol. I would say it's cause she looks like her mama,but she doesn't,she got her looks from her dad. BUT...she did get my attitude! This girl is Moo-oo-dy. Everyone that hears her is shocked at how much noise she makes when she wants something. That's me,when I want something,I want it NOW! I can't wait to see what she's like when she's older. But for now,I'm enjoying holding her and giving her ALL my kisses <3


Ann said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations on your adorable baby girl!

Witoxicity said...

Congratulations, my dear!! Isn't Zoe the cutest baby? [hugs]

I'm so glad you're doing well and so is Zoe. Thanks for sharing with us the lovely, lovely photos! :)

Anonymous said...

UGh.. I dont get tired of seeing her pictures!!! lol.. shes so precious! Oh I remember those days when baby throw up was my signature scent! lmao...

Miss Tapia said...

Thank you ladies!

@Yuri,it's gonna be a while before I smell like my old self!

LCzinha said...

Aww... She is so adorable! I just want to squeeze her cheeks! Haha!

Marie said...

Awww... father and daughter picture!:D

Zoe is so adorable, her outfits are cute!:D Mommy sure is dressing her well!:D

***** Marie *****

Keirasluckycharm said...

My son is a perfect candidate. He is smart, funny, loving, and loves kisses. He loves to eat all the time so she will never go hungry lol. She's so precious! :-p

GorgeousMommyK said...

she is gorgeous!!!

Such beautiful pics hun! =)

Princess Feef said...

shez soooooo adorable <3
id eat her cute chubby face ,, hugs xxxx
it must be amazing feeling to be mom ,,

twitter is great =)
i updated everything i do =)
mall , food , class ,, and its great to publish ur new post link if u did new post =)
join the gang i say

Miss Tapia said...

Thank you Dolls!

@ Keira,you're son is the perfect candidate,he's adorable!!

miss.xcarmenx said...

your baby girl is beautiful!... soo tiny... =] congrats!

liz said...

wow shes so precious and i will not
stop saying it. :D

(smiling like a creep as i type
this haha!)

she's always sleeping,awww. does
she keep yall up at night?

its so great that damian is such
a good dad, it looks like she's
going to be more than spoiled by
him. lol. :D

such a cutie! i cant believe its
already been a month! so fast!

Miss Tapia said...

Liz! Woman I miss you! You need to quit disappearing so much! Do you have a facebook?

Zoe wakes up every 2 hours to eat then she goes back to bed. She doesn't keep me up crying or anything. (thankfully) And yes,she's spoiled so much already!

gor(jess). said...

she is PRECIOUS! wow , you just made me tear up. God bless her. I cant wait to have my own soon, these months better go fast. Lol