Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

 The lovely Keira from Keirasluckycharm tagged me! Thank you girl!

In this tag, you name 3 of your imperfections & 3 of your perfections.

My 3 imperfections:

1. My smile/teeth.  I have small teeth and it makes my smile look weird. I got veneers when I was 18 but I hate those too. lol

2. My shoulders. I call this a "Tapia Trait" the women in my family have big broad shoulders and when we gain weight,the first place it goes is to our arms,making our shoulders look even bigger. A joke I always hear around Halloween is, "What are you gonna be Jennifer,a linebacker?"ha  ha...assholes.


3.My stretch marks. I know most Moms call them "war wounds" but I went all my life without a single one and now I have them in places I don't want you guys to know.lol. Here are the ones on my upper thighs:

My 3 Perfections

1. I love my height,I am 4'11 and I'm shorter than everyone I know. Except my sister..she's 4'9!!

2.My hands. Yes,they might be short and wrinkly to you,but to me they're beautiful. I bit my nails most of my life and I was soooo embarrassed by them but now I'm very proud of them!

3. My hair. I haven't been good to it,I've dyed it over 20 times and my dumb ass even BLEACHED it. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. After I did all those horrible things to it,it's still in good condition and I get compliments on how good it smells and how soft it is.
Thank you Pantene! lol




Catanya said...

Brave tag, sweety!!
But I do not agree with you: your smile must be beautiful!

Keirasluckycharm said...

Haha linebacker... lol ok sorry! we all have our imperfections and if its not one thing its the other. You have beautiful hair... i am jealous and the strechmarks? yeah i say Zoe was def worth those. Zoe should do this tag. It would like this:

imperfections: none
perfections: all


Miss Tapia said...

AWWWWW Keira!! You're so sweet!!

Karen said...

Hi Tapia! Thank you for being the first to enter my giveaway :)
Really?! You don't like your veneers? Ah it's a dream of mine to get veneers!!
Your hair is gorgeous!

Miss Tapia said...

Karen,I wish I had gotten braces because now I'm always afraid of them falling off and the maintenance is pretty expensive since they need to be replaced after so many years.

p.s I hope I win your giveaway!!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Everyone has flaws! And those flaws make who you are now, lady. You're pretty and yay I use pantene too! ^^

Princess Feef said...

haha am 4'9 too !!!
i loved reading this post =D and i love ur hair too its gorgeous

Toni Tralala said...

Gorgeous MommyK tagged me on this post. :) I can't believe that you're 4'11! You look tall to me. :))

I think your hands are nice as well! Your hair is very lustrous. <3

Marie said...

Fun tag, nice read.:D

I do think you have beautiful hair.:D

***** Marie *****