Monday, March 14, 2011

Aloha Festival

Hello Ladies. I know I've been slacking in the blogging department but sometimes being a Mom just makes you..lazy. I have a few new posts coming so I hope that makes up for it. 
This past Sunday we went to Arizona's Aloha Festival which was super fun but Damian's family from Cali was here and they couldn't take the heat (it was 80 degrees) and we left super early. It pissed me off because I was really excited to go and I didn't even get to sample any food. BOO.But I got to be out with my little family and we ended up having a good day =)

                                     I didn't even get to see the dancers =/
                                            Zoe trying to get her Lei

                                                                   So good!
                                     We ended up walking on Mill Ave. =/
                               We did see men in wedding dresses!
                                       We found a candy store =)
                                  Zoe was holding her own balloon!
I gave up junk food for lent but I still bought these
                                             Zoe with her gifts
                                             Fried pickles are GROSS.
My real Lei...dying and busted up because Zoe kept pulling the flowers out.

How was YOUR weekend??


Aggie602 said...

Good Pics fothe festival. My friend invited me but I had a headache that day. Zoe is such a cutie pie.

elizabeth said...

How fun! and Zoe looks adorable with her Lei!

AnNeTtEe said...

awww... your baby is such a cutie!!! I just wanna pinch her cheeks!! haha.... awesome pictures, looks like a fun day!

Yanina said...

great pics! i went too, it was kinda warm but we stuck it out for a couple hours

Yuri said...

How fun!! To bad you had to leave! 80 Degrees is heaven here in Arizona! Zoe is adorable! I like how she held her own balloon! lol

Marie said...

Sorry about not being able to sample food, at least you got some candy.:D

My weekend was fine, did a little shopping.

Happy Wednesday!:D

***** Marie *****

Forever Fantastic said...

Ugh, I am super bummed I missed aloha festival! I didn't remember until Sunday at!?!?!

Bonnie @ This Young Mama said...

That's exactly how my family is! They think theyre going to die when they come and visit! EFFIN Party Poopers :(

What part of AZ do you live in?

Miss Tapia said...

@Aggie,it was fun even though we were there for only a while.

@Elizabeth, Thank you!!

@Annettee Thanks! I wish I could take the credit but she looks like her

@Yanina what day did you go?

@Forever Fantastic are you going to the salsa challenge?

@Bonnie I live in Tolleson. What about you?

@Yuri I thought the weather was perfect! They were actually sitting in the shade complaining!

@Marie Shopping is always fun!

Karen Law said...

Ooo the Lei is very pretty and Zoe looks so cute with Damian in the candy store :)
Yeah I know 80 F would be freaking hot for me since I'm not use to that temperature. I would have just stayed behind if I were you and let everyone else leave and do their own thing LOL You know, catch up with them later after I get what I want to eat at the festival :P