Tuesday, August 23, 2011

11 Months!

Today my Princess Zoe is 11 months! Wow! Time is going by so fast. It seems like every day she does something new. I am so proud of her,just seeing her walk makes me smile. Here are a few new things she does:

She says NO! Her father and I are already telling her she better not talk back to us. haha.

She has said "Stop it!" And believe me,I'm STILL shocked.

She waves "Hi" and wiggles her hand to say "No". (again with the no)

She grabs the phone and puts it on her ear =)

She knocks on doors.

She LOVES playing with her books. She will sit in her little corner,not making a peep and just flip thru the pages. It's so adorable.

Last but not least,my baby dances!! Whenever she hears music,she starts dancing. It doesn't matter if the music is coming from a commercial,her toys or the radio. She just starts busting a move. haha.

I love her so much.


Jenn Marie said...

She is such a doll :D

Hunter87 said...

U have such a cute girl!!!

D.Sadie said...

Cutie! Happy 11 months!

mama bear said...

My little one loves reading as well! cute photos of Zoe! she's super adorable!

Carla said...

She is such a cutie! That's great that she has an interest in books. That's so important!

Shang J. said...

Aww. She is a darling. ♥
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Marie said...

Sweet post of a proud mommy.:D

***** Marie *****