Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty Haul

I  thought I'd share with you some of the stuff I have purchased recently. If you've posted a haul recently,let me know in the comments,I'd love to check it out. Most of my beauty purchases were made after I saw a certain product on blogger or youtube =)

BBW is having their Semi-Annual sale right now! I LOVE their hand soaps!

I got the little one free =) I wouldn't compare it to a CHI flatiron because I have used them,but it does work really well..better than all my other flat irons. I don't put it on the highest temperature either (I don't want to fry my already dry hair)

I use the Rose Water throughout the day,mostly after I water the grass because I end up having that "outside smell". It doesn't irritate my skin,which is a plus!

I really have to stop buying so many pink,orange and coral polishes. I have way too many!

I kinda regret not buying more brushes from RT,but it's just that I'm happy with the brushes I have. If I love the shading brush,I'll probably try the others out. The Revlon balm stain is in Cherish =)

I LOVE,LOVE LOVE these! They don't burn my eyes,irritate my skin or leave it dry. I had to get these after I used the ones I got in my Target beauty bag.


Elizabeth said...

The simple facial wipes look really good! I love the colors of the nail polishes and B&BW is the best!

Hunter87 said...

Great haul.
I like the Revlon Lip Satin.

Sheri said...

Does the St. Ives apricot scrub work well? I'm in need of an acne-clearing scrub.

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

Love St. Ives scrubs....also Queen Helena.


bbricalderon said...

I've been looking for rosa water every where! Can you please tell me where u bought it.