Monday, January 12, 2015

My First 2015 Purchases


My Monday has been filled with cleaning and more cleaning,so I decided to take a break and blog. Good choice huh? This week's post is about all the purchases I have made lately. Most of them are unopened since I've been busy with cleaning,visiting my Mom who recently moved into a new house and taking my nieces and nephews shopping for room decorations. We have been falling asleep around 2 am! Craziness. Anywho...onto the pictures!

I'm pretty sure you know where these items are from...Target! I bought the Coach perfume set for around $14! Zoe and I always decorate the house on Valentine's day,so after I post this we will be hanging up the hearts everywhere. I know it's a bit early,but she keeps asking =)

I picked up the Flower nail polish set in the Christmas clearance section at walmart for $4. Can't beat that price! The Loreal polishes were also on clearance. The names are Vintage Vinyl,Rose To The Occasion and Miss Luster-Ess. I love the Manuka Honey Peel Off mask,even though it smells kinda funny. Zoe helps me peel it off but she thinks it's my real skin so she holds my cheek and says "It's okay,it's not going to hurt". She can be so sweet sometimes. Maybelline's Pumped Up mascara is my new favorite and I love Elf's Nude tinted moisturizer. I picked up Anastasia's Brow Powder Duo in soft brown at Sephora. I am loving her brow products! The lipsticks are Jordana's Modern Matte lipsticks in Matte Tease and Matte Blush. The salesgirl at Walgreens had just put them out and I grabbed the two that I thought would fit me best and I was right. And they're under $3 so I definitely recommend them!

These were purchased at Sally's. I recently dyed my hair red and even though the bigger bottles of shampoo and conditioner are on sale,they were out of stock so I picked this small one up because my hair was pretty tangled and greasy. Another reason why I hate using hairspray. I love the Riveting Reds conditioner,it helps me keep the red color in longer since it's a color depositing conditioner.
The Beauty Secrets nail polish remover is my favorite,it takes off glitter polish like nothing! And if you're a nail polish hoarder like myself,then you know some polishes tend to get goopy and ugly,so just pour a few drops of the nail polish thinner in the bottle,shake it around it should be good as new. I think that's much better than throwing it away!

What purchases have you made so far?


Anonymous said...

You made some great purchases! I wanted to put up some hearts and clings on the window BUT since we are in the process of moving I decided against it. Maybe next year :)

PS can I see your red hair?

<3 Elizabeth

Miss Tapia said...

Oh you're moving! Yay! I will try to post a pic some time this week. I haven't really done anything with my hair since I just stay home with Zoe and chill. lol