Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Mini Haul!

Okay,for my first mini haul I decided to post my 3 obsessions:nail polish,Hello Kitty and lip gloss..even though I posted Rosebud Salve. Same difference =) 

 My Boyfriend bought me these at Marshalls for 79 cents each! I'm never going to open them.

This works many different ways,it helps chapped lips and skin,diaper rash,blemishes,detergent burns and rough cuticles.I love it! I bought it at Sephora,for pretty cheap too =)

Excuse the dirty window,it rained and all we have is dirt in the back =/ I used to be a nail biter,hated the fact that I couldn't stop and didn't like people looking at my hands. But when I was 23 I stopped. Just like that. Weird right? So now I'm buying nail polish left and right,changing the colors every other day! My newest favorite brand is Sinful Colors. They cost about 1.99 and have some very  nice colors. From left to right are:Beautiful Girl,Folly and Dream On.
  Hope you liked my first mini haul,I plan on doing many,many more!!

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