Sunday, November 21, 2010

Candy Girl.

Hey ladies!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend. Are you guys excited for Thanksgiving? I am! It will be Zoe's first and I wish I could feed her some turkey,ham and pumpkin pie but there's always next year =) This past weekend we went shopping because I haven't lost all the baby weight and I don't have that much stuff to wear. Well,as I tried things on I got pretty sad and frustrated because I am bigger than I thought. I only got about 3 things =/ But I did pick up a few things I've been wanting at target and walgreens,so it made me perk up some. lol.

                                                Gotta have fresh breath!

                                  It was about 5 bucks. Not bad.

                                  I used to LOVE this.

                                   A must have for me.

                    I've heard nothing but good things about this one...

                       Decided to also give this one a try

                             Have any of you tried this?

                                                 Bite the bullet

                                            Private Viewing


                                          Dancing Nails

                                     I'm addicted to junk food!!

  My Mom bought this for me,I LOVE it!!! (it's a popcorn tin)

                                                 Cardigan from Wet Seal

                                                 2 v-necks

                                    Zoe and her Daddy got vans

Photo album for Zoe

I do!!

They do =)

Cupcake bib!

This is on the back shirt



xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

Oh that "Dancing Nails" color is beautiful. I love those tones during the winter. I also love that black cardigan. You can never go wrong with that, I actually have that as a staple item in my closet. Ahhh, how cute are those little shoes. So adorable.....

Keirasluckycharm said...

I love everything! Zoe is so lucky. I'm jealous... I want those Vans :-)

Princess Feef said...

great haul ,,
loved all zoe cute baby stuff <3

Lais said...

So many goodies! Love the little Vans for Zoe... so cute!!

Yuri said...

AAAAAA... you got her some super adorable stuff!!!!! :)
But dont worrie girl.. more weight will come off!!! with my first baby I went right back to a size 0 no issue.. but with Max (prepregnancy size 0) . right after I had him I was a size 5.. basically wearing the pregnancy clothes.. because I was wearing a 5 while pregnant... but after a few months I went to a size 3.. and thats where I am now!! "/ but I havent been trying to work it off or anything.. But I understand why you would feel sad.. because I use to cry about it(literualy).. lmao...

liz said...

omg tell me about the noxcema
cleanser, i saw it and was ABOUT
to get it but didnt aghh!

omg zoe is so super cuteee!
i will for sure move to AZ asap
to be your stylist haha.

the wet n wild nail polishes
are THE BOMBBBB, i have those 3
exact colors, my fav. is the pink
and purple. so pastel-ishh. :D

the "L" spot said...

ohmygoodness so many goodies!

Yuri said...

OMG. Jenny .. this is gonna sound so gay, but Ive been thinking about.. reason being.. are awear MickyD's has Hello kitty watches!!!!