Monday, February 1, 2010


When it comes to hot sauce,I don't mess around. I have been eating it for as long as I can 
remember. My Mom said it all started when I cussed for the first time. I was around 3,
(damn!) and she put hot sauce in my mouth to punish me. well apparently it didn't do the job since I ended up liking it. I can remember a day where I grabbed some hot sauce (red devil) and poured it into my palm and started DRINKING it. By the time I was done,my skin felt like I had been in a pool all day. It was so wrinkly and soft. While I no longer use my hand as a cup,I can't say I've mellowed out with the hot sauce. My favorite is Tapatio,I use it on most things I eat. I can't help it,I just have to have the damn stuff. The picture above is of my purse,my boyfriend and I went out to eat the other day and he said "Have you seen the tapatio packets?" and that was it,I made about 3 trips to stand where they have the napkins,spoons,etc and grabbed a handful. I put most of them in a drawer in our kitchen,but I have 4 packets in my purse....just in case.

eating so much hot sauce for most of my life has created an ulcer. I am on medication. So if you're like me,CALM DOWN. I know you love it,but it ends up kicking your ass in the end!


Tineasha said...

ahha that is so funny i love it too but I probably don't eat near as much as you do..
thats cool though. :) We usually stay in because I hate when restraunts and everything is so crowded. lol.

Tineasha said...

your telling me:) I eat more than I should lol or I actually just love eating. Too bad it makes people fat lol thats like the worst thing ever.

Tineasha said...

haha i try to as much as possible but i know what you mean. It's easier when you actually workout with someone

PiinkCupcakez said...

i looove hot sauce n spicy foods
but an ulcer? scary!

Mayra A. said...

omg I can totally relate, i put hot sauce on all my food, if I don't have any I feel like my food is plain and boring. I have a feeling I'll be getting an ulcer one of these days too :/

P.S. Your blog is awesome:)

witoxicity said...

Haha! What a funny story! I love that part about how it all started. I love hot sauce too but I don't think I'm as fanatic as you. I had a friend though who has to eat (almost) everything with hot sauce! :D