Monday, April 26, 2010


Hello ladies!

My computer is still being a butt so I can't upload any of the pictures I've taken.Grrrr! So I decided to post a quick update. I am 4 months today and baby is doing good,but the doctor told me I'm bigger than I should be! I think he or she has their daddy's genes and will be tall. His whole family is full of giants.Lol. I'm only 4'11. I've put on 6lbs but it feels like 20. Today I'm going to make my ultrasound appointment, we will find out the sex then! I can't wait! On Saturday was mine and Damian's 4 year anniversary, we went to the salsa tasting challenge in Tempe,Az. We go every year. The weather was beautiful and I got to try so many different types of salsa,I was in heaven! We ended our night with dinner at P.F Chang's, the food was amazing! These past 4 years with Damian have been pretty incredible, he's an amazing guy and a wonderful boyfriend. And I'm not just saying that! Lol. I will leave to Texas on the 10th to visit one of my oldest friends who is being deployed to Iraq. I'm really sad to see her go,especially since she's a single mother. She's been through a lot but she's still a strong,caring and funny woman. I met her when she was 8 and she's still the same. Crazy.I haven't seen her since January so we're due for a visit. I really hope my computer decides NOT to be an ass and lets me upload my pictures when I come back. I hope you're all doing well and are in good health!

P.S if its a girl,I have no clue what to name her. Any ideas?

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