Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby's 1st outfit

So we decided on making brown and pink her theme colors for her crib and room stuff. My boyfriend Damian picked this outfit out and I think it's absolutely adorable! I'm pretty sure it's the outfit she's going to come home in...that's if it fits her! We got it at Carter's,they have the cutest clothes there! I tried posting other pics of stuff we got her but again,my computer is being a butt. Anywho...hope you lovey ladies are having a great day!


Samantha said...

Awwe this outfit is soo adorable!! Congrats on having a baby girl(: pink and brown is a great combination!!


liz said...

haha awww its so cute it made me laugh loll.

look how precious the little leggings are with the illusion that shes wearing real shoes. xD

super cute!

have yall decided on some favorite names?

shes almost here!!! :D aaaaaaaa!

Miss Tapia said...

Yeah,I'm going to go crazy shopping for baby stuff! I wish I could post the other stuff I bought,I hate my computer!! ugh. But we have settled on a name,although I would prefer having her middle name as her first. But it starts with an A and my boyfriend doesn't want it as her first. But as soon as we tell our parents the name,I'll let you girls know!

P.S....she's kicking right now!

Gabby said...

OMG, that is the cutest thing! I love those little tights!