Monday, September 13, 2010


So yesterday was my baby shower. It went very well and I got pretty much everything I need! Lucky me. The theme was pink and brown and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Not many of the pictures came out too good so I posted the ones that did =/
My Mother  is the woman in the purple shirt and she made sure I really didn't do much and that I was happy and relaxed. I love my Mom!! For the prizes I gave out some pretty nice stuff if I do say so myself,I posted a pic of the elf eyeshadows that I wanted to My godmother made the cake,I think it was very sweet of her seeing as how we hadn't spoken in 8 years. (too much moving on my part) I am now 36 weeks and everyone is saying I'm going to have Zoe soon. I have been feeling better since being released from the hospital though. I do try to relax as much as possible but at the same time I try to get everything ready for the baby. Sometimes at night I feel as though I'm forgetting something and I can't sleep after that. Although I know I should get as much sleep as possible because once Zoe is here....bye bye sleep! But one good thing I can report,I'm losing weight..which they said is normal. I really hope I lose as much baby weight as possible. I miss my clothes!!

Hope you girls had a great weekend! xoxoxo


Yuri said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about the crappy pictures, you get alot of those at baby showers, lol...

And, omg, Zoe is almost here! I cant till you post her fist picture, you kind of have to since, you keept us in the loop about your pregnancy! :)

Well keep relaxing and keep us posted!

Keirasluckycharm said...

Get as much rest right now as possible and sooner or later you will be able to wear your clothes. Its so exciting and its not even me! :-D

liz said...

OMGGGGGGGG im so excitedddddddddd!!
how much longer do we wait for!?

~tell me so i can begin my
countdown :D~

Princess Feef said...

was missing u around ,, i thought u already had the baby ,, aww we cant wait to see zoe =)
be safe dear ,,,

Miss Tapia said...

Hi ladies! Well I see my Doctor once a week now so I'll keep you updated with everything,I'm not sure if I've dilated since I was in the hospital. I have so much baby shower gifts,I'm not sure where to put them all. Zoe is Damian's Moms first Grandchild and His Grandma's first great-grandchild so she definitely got spoiled yesterday. My Mom has 11 other grandchildren but she's super excited for me because she never thought I'd give her a

BottledBeauty said...

How exciting! Your shower was so cute, looked like fun. Mine is next month. I'm 29 weeks, feels like forever to go still.