Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's catch up....

Hello Hello!

Sorry for the lack of posts,but I was in the hospital for the last few days. What started out as a bladder infection ( common in pregnancies) turned into a kidney infection. It was pretty painful. Well....when I was there the first day they had me attached to this machine to keep an eye on Zoe and the nurse turns to me and asks if I have any pain in my uterus and I'm like no and she says,well you're having contractions! Crazy! So they end up keeping me there,gave me a shot to stop the contractions and kept me monitored all night. The next day,same thing..I kept having contractions but didn't feel them. This time they gave me TWO shots and some pills to stop them. On the third morning before they released me they checked me and turns out,I'm dilated at 1cm!!!! Holy cow! So I can't do much,they don't want me going into labor before 36 weeks..which I'll be on monday. I'm pretty scared and nervous now,lol. I am still having my baby shower on sunday and I know my Mom is thinking Zoe is gonna pop out then but as long as I take it easy,I'll be fine. I gotta go lay back down,just wanted to let you girls I miss talking to you and maybe next time I log in,I'll have a pic of Zoe!!!

Take care!!!!!!!


Got a pic of the cake a little too late =(


Yuri said...

Oh man girl, take it easy, keep that little cupcake as long as possible, the closer to 37 weeks you get the better, since thats when there suppose to be done cooking... keep us updated, Wishing you the best! :)

Keirasluckycharm said...

You are almost there :-D how exciting! you are days (or weeks) away from being a momma. Best wishes ;-)

liz said...

awww poor jenny! i hope everything
goes great and that lil zoe comes
out at the right time, be super
gently with everything you do and
try and relax as much as possible!

let us know everythinggggg! and
if you do go in labor make
damian take ALOTTTTTTT of pics of
even the privates lmao. because
those are some memories to cherish

cant wait to see baby zoe!!! <3

Princess Feef said...

oh wow ,, that soon =D get better ,, and take it easy ,, everything will be ok ,, dont worry =)
and cant wait to see zoe <3
take care dear

LCzinha said...

Hey hun! Its getting closer and closer. Crazy how fast time flew by. I am so happy for you and I am so happy to hear that mommy and little Zoe are doing ok. Take these next few days to relax... Tell your hubby to give you a back rub... to pamper you! hahaha! Keep us updated!

Marie said...

This is so exciting!

Have fun at your shower and looking forward to see your little angel!:D

***** Marie *****