Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A few weeks ago I won the beautiful MEYA'S $45 CSN Stores giveaway! At first I was thinking of getting a purse but then I realized I already have a purse,it's called a diaper bag =) I just throw in my wallet,a few makeup items and I'm good.Then I noticed I have a lot of small things of Zoe's that need to be put away (her first shoes,first band aid,her belly button, etc) Yes,I'm keeping her  umbilical cord. I'm even keeping her first bottle and and jar of baby food,which I might add did not last very long.haha. So I decided to get little storage boxes for her. The BF is a cupcake fiend and I HATE having to stir the mix by hand,so the mixer is definitely going to come in handy. Here's what I got:

                                                   I like the pink one

I gave my mom the other coin purse I had because she was digging through her purse for change once and I gave it to her and said "problem solved". And yes,I got a pen. I needed a red one dammit!!


Aggie602 said...

Congrats for winning. You got some good practical items. That is soo cool you are keeping al her stuff she will def appreciate it when she gets older.

Arezu said...

I have to agree with getting practical items (: But you have to explain, because I'm intrigued, you're keeping her belly button? :/

I would probably do the same thing as you as far as keeping things as memories.

Miss Tapia said...

I meant her umbilical cord! I fixed it.lol

Keirasluckycharm said...

haha please don't keep her belly button... she needs it! anyway i love the boxes and so sweet of you to think about mom. Did you really need a red pen? well do you? lol

Miss Tapia said...

@keira..I fixed it!!! Haha I knew I was gonna get shit for that. Me and my Mom are close =)
And why yes,I DO need a red pen! Thank you VERY much!lol

Marie said...

Congratulations and these are practical picks!:D

***** Marie *****

elizabeth said...

great buys! i love the boxes and the mixer is great!