Monday, February 7, 2011

Swapmeet Fakeness

A while back I read a post on Sarrah's blog at Forever Fantastic where she wrote about her friend who had purchased MAC makeup from a swapmeet for $5 bucks,thinking it was real. I was pretty interested because I had heard of fake MAC makeup but never saw it. Hell,I wouldn't have known the real from fake if I were to have seen it. Well,this past sunday my mom and I went to our local Swap Meet and what do you know,there was the Hello Kitty MAC makeup...for $5. I only purchased the lip gloss because the eyeshadow looked hella cheap. They even had makeup brushes. To my surprise,a lot of the vendors had (fake) HK stuff! I also saw NYX products,CHI hair products and  Big Sexy Hair products for under 20 bucks. Not too bad. Here are a few things I got:

                                                    No name?

                                                              $1 them!
                                                     Can't forget my candy!


La Cabrona said...

Damn girl ur probably make-up retarded like me lol... but i love the swapmeets im soo jealous... i use to go to them in denver all the tme.. i would of bought everything u got.. fake or not lol!

Aggie602 said...

Love all the stuff you got., I need to go to a Swapmeet soon its been years for me. Which one did yoyu go to?

Dinorah ♥ said...

Everything looks awesome! fake or not, I don't think most people would have been able to tell. lol At least not me anyway lol I lovee the turquoise-y nail polish you got! It looks gorgeous <3

Keirasluckycharm said...

Oh i love the HK stuff and candy! give me some!!!! The nail polishes are awesome and the price amazing. I am really digging polishes right now.

Request: Zoe update.

Princess Feef said...

that bracelet is soooo adorable ,, tho am not a big fan of HK ..
the polishes look great too ,, reminds me i need to go my nails
and u know what am craving now ,, the jelly cola candy ,, u know it ? lol

Forever Fantastic said...

LMAO at you and the lip gloss!!! How do you like it though? My friend STILL wears the ish out of the lip gloss. HA. You did make out like a bandit at the swap meet though. And I am totally loving that Hello Kitty clock! Super cute. How much was it?

she walks iin beauty said...

I don't mind fake products as long as the quality is good lol. I'll get a "Fuchi" purse (like my grandma says) if it's nice! Haha...

Miss Tapia said...

@La yeah we're going back next week so I plan on getting more. haha.

@Aggie602 I go to the park n swap on washington.

@Dinorah It has a bit of shimmer to it but I love the color too.

@Keira You know I'll share with you!
I'll blog about Z later =)

@Princess Feef I've never had jelly cola? Blog about it!

@FF haha I think I'm gonna be the same way! Everything I got was under 10 bucks,I think the clock was 6. =)

@SWIB I see girls rocking the fake stuff all the time,I just don't like it when they act like its real.It's like,come on now!

elizabeth said...

I love the HK watch, too adorable!!!

JOCEE411 said...

lol i miss swapmeets... :( lol why did i ever leave socal.. -sigh- hahaha cute stuff lovve the dulce!! i got the same lip gloss wen i went 2 the fashion district in LA ovr the summer

Marie said...

HK is always cute.:D

How do you like the $5 lip gloss?

***** Marie *****