Friday, June 3, 2011


                            Cream Blush in Rose Petal


                                   Strawberry Parfait

                                         Tea Rose

                                        Central Park Pink

                                     Really hope this works!

This is my latest haul. I bought the NYX products when they were having that huge failed sale. I got a code for 50% the next day and decided to try out their stuff. I LOVE the blush and lipstick and I am still kicking myself for not buying more! I'm trying to buy colors other than pink,but that seems to be the only one that goes with my skin tone. Any suggestions on what other colors to buy? Help! Thank you!


Bonnie @ This Young Mama said...

I always tell myself ok I have to buy other colors but always end up with pinks and nudes.

JC! :) said...

I really like the lipsticks you got! Very pretty on you.

mama bear said...

I LOVE the blush color!!!

G A B Y said...

The NYX Cream Blush looks gorgeous! I lovetheir Cream Blushes (:

Yami said...

The NYX lipstick and blush looks soo pretty!

Marie said...

Nice haul and Tea Rose is a pretty shade.:D

***** Marie *****

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

Oooh, good stuff :) I also ordered some NYX stuff from that same sale but mine hasn't come in yet. Boooo. Should come in today actually. Yay! I don't think that I got any of the colors you did. I tend to shy away from pink. I go more for peaches and nudes. I love pink but I think the coral colors look better on me. I don't know...LOL.