Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoe's 2nd Birthday pt.2

On Zoe's actual birthday Sunday the 23rd,we decided to take her and my nephew out since his birthday was a few days before hers. It was just us four but we had a great time!

                                                          My nephew,Zoe and Damian

                       Zoe didn't want to get in the car,she loves playing with rocks.

                                                     So of course she had a fit.lol

                                                             And then fell asleep.

                                Playing Fruit Ninja. She yells "No bombs No Bombs!"

                                               How adorable does she look?!

As you can see,Zoe had a great time. Afterwards Damian took me to Ulta since Him and the kids played games while I took the pictures (that's why I'm not in any. I was pretty mad about it!) It was a good day though. I really can't complain.


Elizabeth said...

You did a good job with the photos! Zoe looks so pretty!!! You should let her come to my house for a week :)

I love the look of your front yard. Looks very pretty. I also love the before and after of her having a fit and then falling asleep. Priceless LOL.

I am glad she enjoyed her 2nd birthday ♥

Miss Tapia said...

She would have a blast with Bee!!
I tried capturing every moment of her day!

gorjess said...

She got so big ! God bless her !

Happy belated to her =)