Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoe's 2nd Birthday! (pic heavy)


Well,it's already been a year since I posted Zoe's last birthday party. Crazy. Time goes way too fast. Pretty soon I'll be sharing pictures from her first day of school! But until then,I'll share with you her 2nd birthday pictures =)
I went with a cupcake theme,but I didn't buy everything with cupcakes on them. I figured we were gonna throw everything away anyways AND the food was going to be expensive so  why spend a lot of $$ on decorations? For a while I wished I did go all out with the decorations,but no one seemed to care. All they wanted was food and cake. lol. I posted a lot of pictures,so you've been warned!

                                                      Pink and green for boys and girls  

                                            I made 35 candy bags and it wasn't enough!

                           I decided to dress her comfortably since we were at the park

                                                The Birthday Girl and her balloon =)

                                                             Her little pinata =)

                                                           Zoe and her Dad

Zoe had a great time playing with all her cousins,which is all that mattered. I look forward to all her birthday parties!


Anonymous said...

Great party indeed! I love how you did the decorations. I might steal your idea for Jaslene's 5th birthday party :)

I love how cute Zoe looks ♥

Janine said...

Ohh how wonderful! Love the colors :) looks like it was alot of fun

Ahlexandria said...

I love the idea. The colors & all the setup is entirely cute. & it matches her so of course it's adorable!

Happy birthdayyyy Zoe!

Moni017 said...

happy birthday to your little girl. we share a birthday! :)

Miss Tapia said...

@Elizabeth,just show me the pictures if you do! I would love to see them!

@Janine,thank you,it was a lot of fun!

@Ahlexandria,Thank you!!

@Mini,Happy Birthday to you too!

Heather said...

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