Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Spirit


Sorry for going M.I.A again,but my computer is still being a jerk off and wont connect to the internet when I want. Except for today,which is why I'm going to try and posts all the pictures I've had stored in my computer for a while. lol, This post,of course is going to be about my Christmas decorations. I've taken more pictures of inside my house,but they are still on my camera and I'm kind of in a hurry to get these posts finished (sorry!) If you have any to share,please let me know so I can check them out!

                 They look much better without me using my damn flash. trust me. haha.

            The snowmen are my favorite decorations. I'll use them till they break!

                    I went with last years theme since most of our decorations were still new.

                                                                       HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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