Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Blogger has been acting like a bitch lately and won't let me upload any of my pictures. I'm not the only one having this problem either. Did she get mad about my lack of posts? Is that why I'm  being cut off? Tell me why blogger!

While I wait for a response,I thought I'd tell you Momma's and Momma's-To-Be Happy Mother's Day! My day was pretty nice and chill. We had a bbq so I helped prepare some of the food,but Damian cooked everything else. I tried not doing anything that day but there are kids here that had to eat. haha. Besides,I'm still munching on leftovers! No cooking for me!
And another thing,I'm on Instagram so if you have one and I don't follow,just leave your name in the comments and I'll look for you. A heads up though,I need a new phone since mine is finally giving out on me,so for the time being,my pictures are gonna be a little...sucky.
Now that I think about it,I should have asked for a new phone for Mother's Day.....O_0


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Jazmin Hunter said...

I hope the problem gets fixed.