Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm not a druggie.

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But if you saw my room you'd probably think I was. I'm pretty sure my liver is gonna give up on me any day with all the medicine I have been taking. It's been a pretty shitty week for me,I've had heartburn for about 4 days and no matter what I take,it won't go away. My back pain which had me on my floor ready to cry won't go away,I have a fever,sore throat,body aches and a headache.Yeah,lucky me. Everyone gives me their own opinion on what works and I'm trying them all and what's it's done is hurt my stomach or made the pain worse. And on top of that,I have to take the pill. Someone told me taking all these different medicines might effect the pill so that's another win. I tried a few home remedies on how to rid some of these pains,but nothing works. I'm not trying to become dependent on all these drugs but how else am I supposed to deal with all this pain???? Grrr.

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