Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Hello Kitty Mini Collection


liz said...

JENNY! that is no way near a MINI COLLECTION! Its massive haha.

Aww little zoe will be so happy
when she's a little bigger and
gets to have all this great cute
stuff. xD

Jenny has your belly button popped out from the pregnancy? and have
your ankles swollen up? How are
the cravings?

thestartsteam said...

Omgee! This is like Hello Kitty heaven! I loves it!

Miss Tapia said...

@ Liz,I have the toaster,cereal dispenser and other hello kitty stuff not pictured.I was looking at HK pics yesterday and figured I'd show mine off. haha. I really hope Zoe likes it!

As for my belly button,it's kinda disappearing! My boyfriend always messed with it (I hated it) because he said it was so small. I figured it would pop out,but it hasn't seemed to shrink.haha.

@Val...yeah,it's my own piece of heaven!Do you have anything Hello Kitty?

Miss Tapia said...

Oh shoes don't even fit because my feet are so swollen! I feel like a hobbit! As for my cravings,I have been eating a lot of mexican candy!

Marie said...

How cute!:D Your daughter will surely enjoy these!:D
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liz said...

mexican candy like paletas de
chileeeeeeeeeee!!!??? lol

what about elotes? haha

omg hello kitty toaster, that is
too cute! ^_^

Miss Tapia said...

Yes,I love love love those! I have a bag of them under my bed. shhh!!

Of course Elotes,I got my nieces and nephews eating them with mayo and cheese!


Lauren ♥ said...

My gosh girl!!
Hello Kitty heaven!

Julisa said...

omg soo much hello kitty cuteness