Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer dresses

This past weekend I went and did a little shopping...nothing really fits anymore so I decided to stick with dresses. haha. I saw the cutest baby dress for Zoe and even though she'll be born in the fall,I decided to get her one. I will be starting her baby book soon,I'm pretty excited about that. Hope you guys had a happy 4th of July!  xoxoxo


AnNeTtEe said...

cute summer dresses!!!

Miss Tapia said...

Thank you,I got mine from a store called papaya and Zoe's from the Gap. I wanted to buy more dresses but according to my boyfriend, my boobs keep "popping out". haha.

liz said...

the baby book YES! i love it!

lmao! @ your bf's comment.

omg how do you feel, how has sleeping been for you, any pains and crazy ninja kicks?

Miss Tapia said...

HI Liz! How are you?

Yeah,he has a lot to say about my body now.haha.

I feel great,I didn't realize how much I'd love being pregnant. Sleeping is getting a lot harder,even getting up off the bed takes some work! Zoe kicks like CRAZY and some of them hurt,depending on where she kicks.haha.

I cuddle up with my boyfriend so that I stay sleeping on my right side which the doctor said is the best position and two days ago Zoe kicked my boyfriend in the back and woke him up! It was so crazy!