Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog challenge Day 3

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

 For my perfect first date  I chose the fair. There's good food,games and rides. I don't like going to movies on a first date or out to dinner cause I have a thing with getting too close and personal too soon. At the fair,you just have a good time and if you don't feel comfortable with the can lose him in a crowd. haha. Kidding.  In my mind,our date would be a very good one...we'd eat all the different types of food they have there,going on rides and NOT throwing up, taking pictures and having him win you a stuffed teddy bear. =)


liz said...

aww so cute! i dont think i'd like
going to the fair though, cuz what
if you really like the guy and you end up getting on so many rides
just to make him see you as an
adventurous lady (LMFAO) and then
you vomit your brains out on him
aaaaaaa. EWWW! and EMBARRASSINGG!!!

lol i think i would pick something
LIKE the fair, with people around
so it wont be too ackward but still

Miss Tapia said...

Well I did puke once at the fair,but my boyfriend and I had been dating for a while so he was cool with We know our limits now and go on a few rides and eat the rest of the day.

Keirasluckycharm said...

It reminds me when i was pregnant i think i pucked all 9 months lol ride or no ride :-D

Anonymous said...

" can lose him in a crowd"
lmao, thats too funny .. lol..
but that sounds like a cute date! :)