Monday, August 9, 2010

My favorite food.

I absolutely LOVE shrimp cocktail. It started when I was very young and my Mom would make ceviche. I couldn't get enough of the stuff. As I grew older and she made it less,I would go out and buy it where ever they sold it. I found out that our corner fruit stand had a back room where a man sold tostadas de ceviche. He would just walk through the store picking out the produce. How convenient! One day I decided to give them a try and it was AMAZING. To this day I have yet to meet someone who can make them as good as he did.I got so obsessed with them that I would go through the store with him,watching him pick out the veggies and then watched him put all the ingredients together. I was the first customer there in the morning and the last one at night. He would give me a free one when I would order two ( people sent me there because he put extra ceviche on my tostadas) I still remember people making comments about how big my tostadas were compared to theirs. haha! As you know,all good things must  come to an end. The fruit stand decided to expand and they closed dudes little shop to put in a mini meat shop there. BOO. So I decided to make them myself. Since then I have been making them once a month for myself or my family. It's the one dish I am proud to make for people because it has so much history with me and when I make it all my family tears it up like it's the last thing they'll ever eat. =) I usually add crab meat but since I know not everyone likes it,I save it for myself. I have been to lots of places in Phoenix and tried their shrimp cocktails and none of them make me go back for more. So I kinda got used to relying on my own skills. haha.I forgot the avocados last night but it's okay,as long as I had my tapatio!! What's your favorite dish? How often do you eat it?

                                                                      ( I LOVE cilantro)

Ingredients I use:


AnieLii said...

I love camarones too, specially during the summer : )

liz said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO hellzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ceviche is banging! i only eat
it every once in a while when i
go to my sis' house. Her man is
from veracruz and when they got
together she learned a whole bunch
of new recipes, including ceviche,
sacaguil << (do you know what this
is, i've never met anyone other
than us that knows lol), tamales
de hoja de platano, and many more
so whenever there's a party over
there i go for SURE cuz i know
they're gonna be making some
good stuff.

Man se me esta antojando now! i
wonder if we got some filete
maybe ill make it lol. xD

Miss Tapia said...

Hey Liz!

I don't know what sacaguil is...what is it?? haha. Everyone thinks I'm white but when they see me eat they know I'm mexican! Sounds like your sister got herself a good man! You know what else I'm craving? Pozole!! Oh man,I'm gonna call my Mom and have her make it..since I've been pregnant she'll make me anything and bring it over =)

liz said...

jenny!!! we had fish filete and
shrimp so i made ceviche!!! hahaha!

it was soo good, thanks for
giving me the craving xD.

liz said...

wat the heck! did i post a
what is sacaguil comment here??

i wrote u it explaining what it
was and i cant find it. waaaaaaa

GorgeousMommyK said...


I'm the only one from my fam that likes it with crab too...It's so good!

Princess Feef said...


that looks soooooooo goooooooooooood


i really want to try it out ,, omg ,, the heck with fruit and veggies diet ,,

i need to cook this dish ,, not sure if there is any salty cookies in the house =s