Monday, August 2, 2010

I've been tagged =)

Photography mission tag:

***This post MUST include your own pictures of each item asked, and you must include NO description or details about it, leave it to the imagination. :D ***
1. Favorite nail polish at the moment?
2.One-Three makeup products you can't live without?
3.Do you have a teddy bear?
4.Something random in your room:

5. Take a picture of a picture
6.What's outside your front door?

7.Show me your computer's background
8.How many songs do you have on your itunes/ music playlist?

9.How's the weather today?

10. Go here >>> select an effect, upload a picture of you or someone else (must be a clear pic otherwise the face detection wont work on it for some effects) and post the picture below

I'd say this was my favorite tag so far. It's pretty different. I tag ALL my new followers...I think it'll help me get an idea of who you lovely ladies are. =)


Marie said...

Fun read!:D I like that shade of polish, so bright!:D
Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
& Life According to Marie.

liz said...

omgash i LOVE IT! im so glad i
made this! im so creative hahaha.

omgash jenny why is that jar of
pickles in your room LMAO! too
funny. is little zoe making you!?

zoe is beggining to be not so
little zoe, shes almost here!

how are the nights and pains at
the moment? have you bought more
little clothes and cute stuff?

Anonymous said...

Great post, Im a new follwer, so keep an eye out for my tag post! :)

Keirasluckycharm said...

That is so much fun! I am a new follower so i am def going to do it. Thanks ;-)

Miss Tapia said...

Liz! Yes,you are creative!! haha.I have always loved pickles,I can eat them ALL day long. Right now things at night SUCK. I can't get comfortable and I'm always hot. I have 9 weeks to go though so I'm not stressing too much. We have bought more things,I'll do a post soon. My baby shower is coming up and I'm super excited!!

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

awesome tag! I really like the Define A Lash mascara. It really makes my lashes super long :)

thanks for following my blog.

Princess Feef said...

its scary and funny and so amazing how the women's body is ,, i am always amazed when i see pregnant ladies ,,

my mom is a ( delivery dr. ) lol i dont even know what shez called ,,

i just never ask her about her work ,, iv been there few times ,,, i just cant stand it ,, i feel disgusted by anything ,, =( no really ,, i cant see blood .

but allot of people love her and when they have relatives giving birth ,, and they go to the hospital she works at ,, they ask for her by name ,,,

she just retired ,, after 20 something years of helping ladies give birth ,, and doing good deeds

now shez 24/7 at home giving me hard time lol

be safe ,, =)

Fashion-rocks said...

love the nails.

Supergirl said...