Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been kissed =)

By Yuri !!!

So here I go:

1.What time did you wake up this morning?  I think 8ish? I wake up every 2 hours to feed Zoe but that was the time I finally stood

2.Name of the last pet you owned? I have a cat named Mojo.

3.Last Song you jammed out to in your car?I don't "jam" out. Lame,I know.

4.Name of your first kiss? Hugo Sixtos. They used to call me Jenny Seventoes. lol.

5.Least Favorite Food? I can't think of one right now. Maybe that's why I haven't lost any baby weight. lol

6.Favorite TV Show? Boardwalk Empire,I LOVE it!!

7.One Word to Describe you? Shy.

8.3 passions?  Reading,Writing and Being a Mommy =)

9.Last person you were a Cabrona to? My boyfriend,I gave him attitude before he left for work. =/

10.Last text message in your inbox? " Uh Oh"-from my boyfriend.

I tag all my new followers!!! 


Catanya said...

Congrats on this beautiful award.
I have enjoyed reading this tag: it is good to get to know us better!
By the way, I think I am your follower 100!!

Princess Feef said...

yay congrats ,,
ill try to do it =)
hugs xxxxxx
love ur gorgeous precious zoe <3