Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Itsy bitsy haul

Hey girls =)

Do you have the same problem I do..a boyfriend who HATES shopping with you because you take forever picking just one thing out? Well this past weekend I finally went to buy myself everything I needed but I made the mistake of going with Damian. Every 5 seconds I heard..are you done? Is that it? What else are you gonna get? Aaargh!!! So I just grabbed a few things and made a mental note of going back to the store alone or with Zoe ( my future sidekick) . 

                 Didn't need this,but come on,it's HELLO KITTY!!

Not a big foundation wearer so it took a while to pick the right shade. (classic ivory)

                                  For my crazy eyebrows that never stay put!

                  Heard lots of good reviews about this lipstick. We'll see!!!

This was to help with my milk production..sadly I stopped a few days ago because I couldn't keep up with Zoe's feeding schedule. Damn you boobies!! lol. It made my sweat and pee smell like maple syrup!!

 For the stretch marks I have and the dry skin on my face . It has a pleasant smell. Hopefully it works!

 The Tresemme one weighs my hair down,but this one is perfect.

I'm prone to

Can you girls believe it's November already?? I love this time of year!!



AnNeTtEe said...

yes!! I do have that same problem as you!! my boyfriend does not like shopping with me... but he also doesn't like me goin out on my own... it sux!! he's actually gotten better, he used to be really bad... but now, he doesn't say anything but he gives u that vibe, he makes faces... hahaha... I don't know if that's worse than asking me if I'm done every 5 minutes... LOL...

I got the Bio-Oil a couple of weeks ago but haven't got the chance to try it yet... would u do a review on it??

Yuri said...

Great haul!! Let me know if those pills work!!. I stoped brest feeding my son for the same reason "/

Gaby said...

I'm really thinking about grabbing one of those Wet N Wild lipsticks, everybody just seems so happy with them!

Marie said...

I know, it's crazy.. before we know it, it's 2011 already!:D

Nice buys and I'm sorry about the boyfriend. I'm quite lucky with my husband when it comes to shopping, he is very patient.:D

***** Marie *****

Keirasluckycharm said...

I have the hello kitty thing but i got the green sanrio frog one, its really cute. Sometimes a girl has to buy somethings that she might not need but it sure is nice to have <3

Introducing La Cabrona said...

I love that foundation...the only kind i use! I love u blog... i have a single son if ur daughters looking jajajaja p.s. this is random but my word verification says drothic?? wtf is that a druggy gothic?