Thursday, July 21, 2011

Butterfly Award

I was given this award last week but since I was m.i.a I didn't notice till now. I'm an ass,I know.
Anywho...the very sweet Jazmin awarded me and if you don't know who she is,you can find her blog HERE

The Rules:
1. Link the person back who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers

7 Things About Me:
I am a middle child
I planned my pregnancy
I sleep with the tv on
I eat Tapatio with most anything
I'm 4'11 
I don't drive (by choice)
I am told by everyone I know that I am weird.


Favorite Color: Coral
Favorite Song: Red Red Wine by UB40
Favorite Dessert: Sherbert Ice cream
What Pisses You Off: People who lie
When You're Upset: I yell and hit things.
Your Favorite Pet: Don't have one.
Black or Whit: Black 
Your Biggest Fear: Losing someone I love & failing as a Mother
Best Feature: I like my eyes.
Everyday Attitude: Quiet,Sarcastic and Loving (to my baby)
What is Perfection: To me,My daughter <3
Guilty Pleasure: Gossip Magazines

15 bloggers I award: 


mama bear said...

I also planned my pregnancy, and I yell as well when I'm mad :)

Hunter87 said...

I love tapatio too
u dont drive I have a friend that dose the same but it a long story and sad.
U are very welcome doll =)

Priscilla said...

We have the same "biggest fear" I've never lost anyone close to me and I would probably fall apart if I did and yes failing as a oldest is 13 and damn sometimes I feel like Im failing with her and its cool cuz im weird too!! LOL

Thank you for passing this award to me! (((HUGS)))

Aggie602 said...

Wow cool facts, I dont like driving either but have to :( Aw congratulations on this award and I am honored that you included my name in it so sweet of you.

Marie said...

Congratulations on the award and thanks for tagging me!:D

I hate liars too. For me, honesty is the best policy!:D

***** Marie ******