Thursday, July 14, 2011

TAG: How much is your face worth?

I was recently tagged by the lovely Jazmin and for this tag you: write down the products that you use on your face on most days and how much they're worth. Good thing I started wearing more stuff other than lip gloss and total would have came out to $10. Now,I tag ALL of you...yes,the person who is reading this now..go to your blog and get writing!


ELF Blush Brush : $3
Unknown Smudge Brush: $3
Unknown Crease Brush: $3
ELF Defining Eye Brush: $1
EcoTools Foundation Brush: $4 (on sale)


ELF Clear Eyebrow Gel : $1
L'Oreal Volumious Mascara : $5 (on sale)
NYX Dark Brown Eyeliner: $ 2 dollars
ELF Eye Primer : $1
ELF Eye Brightening Shadow: $1
MAC Orb Shadow: $11
MAC Malt Shadow :$11

Essence Lip Gloss: $3
Rosebud Lip Salve :$6
Burts Bees Lip Balm: $3
MAC Cremesheen Glass: $18


OLAY Moisturizer :$7
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: $8
Curel Lotion: $6
Benefit Facial Cream:$38
Cetaphil Cleanser:$9
NYC Blush:$3
NYX Blush: $3 (on sale)

TOTAL: $150

Wow...I was uh..expecting more ,but I shouldn't complain since some of those were prizes/gifts. haha!  Either way,I think that's a good amount of money for someone who prefers to be "au natural". I guess I won't give my boyfriend anymore crap about how I never get to buy makeup. =) I would LOVE to see what you ladies where on a daily basis..or what products you use most. Hope you girls enjoyed this tag and I look forward to seeing yours!


Hunter87 said...

U like the Cetaphil stuff too..yay now I dont feel like Im the only one..LOL Nice post!! how good is that Elf Clear Eyebrow Gel?

JC ♔ said...

Oooh, I love posts like these! I cringe at the idea of tallying all of that up though.

Miss Tapia said...

@Hunter87, I love cetaphil! It doesn't irritate my skin at all! They eyebrow gel works pretty good considering it only cost a buck.

@JC I would love to see a post by you!

Yuri said...

Oh I like this post!!!!
I may have to do it!

Hunter87 said...

thanx girl!! I will that a try =)

Vintage Makeup said...

Wow that is a lot! :) Love your blog header!!

Mercedes said...

I'm scared to di this post!!! I'd be embarassed at how much I spend on my face and it still looks like this!! lmao jk.. but really.. kinda scares me. Thank God my hubby doesn't read these blogs lol said...

great tag i use the olay moitouriser too its my fave! x

frugalspender19 said...

I have to do this soon. Wow! $150, I wonder if I top that, nah, I doubt it lol. Great products by the way. Quick questions though, what type of skin do you have? Does the olay moisturizer give good moisture? :)

Meme said...

Such a fun tag! I may have to do this as well!

Miss Tapia said...

@Mercedes Do it!!!

@Frugalspender19 I have dry,sensitive skin. The olay works really well on my skin,I need a good moisturizer that lasts or my face starts feeling dry and tight towards the end of the day.

@Meme I hope you do it!


Lol this made me want to start using only drugstore cosmetics...but then again, that adds up too. I think I need to invest on some good skin care products, how's the Benefit Facial Cream?

Miss Tapia said...

The Benefit facial cream is VERY moisturizing. A little bit goes a long way. During the day I touch my face and it's still soft!

Shayla said...

Wow this is a cool post! I want to try this!!!

mama bear said...

Cetaphil is really good! a lot of good items on your list!

Marie said...

$150 is a good price for an everyday face.:D Thanks for sharing!:D

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!:D

***** Marie ******

Karen Law said...

Hi Jenny! Oooo I don't think i want to do this tag LOL I'm sure I'll be shocked at the amount of money I spend on my face products (although like yourself, most of my products are bought by my boyfriend). It's an interesting tag nonetheless - keeping in mind that things like brushes are an investment since my brushes were quite pricey.
My younger sister swears by Curel but I love Aveeno body lotion more. I do love Cetaphil though and Olay just like you ;)

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