Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Monkey.

Zoe's them for her room will be brown and pink. We're trying to get all her clothes now but it seems like every time we go to the store they're sold out. haha. We've gotten booties,blankets,onesies...but we gotta get more winter clothes since she'll be born in october.  I love her little monkey outfit,the color is so pretty. We have to order the crib and bedding online since most stores don't seem to have what we want. I'm also ordering the baby shower favors online...don't worry,I'm posting pictures of everything once I get them! This week I'm doing the baby registry too. So much to do for this little girl! I'll keep you girls posted. Hope you guys are having a great day!! xoxoxo


thestartsteam said...

aaww! How cute. You sure have a lot of planning to do, but don't stress! It's all for baby Zoe : )

Miss Tapia said...

Thanks,I do stress a little when I think of everything we still have to do/get.

Fabnay said...

Aww that is so precious. I know you can't wait to see your bundle of joy. Best of luck to you.