Monday, June 21, 2010

Prego Update!

Today I am 6 months. Time is going by so fast,it's hard to believe my little Zoe will soon be here. She kicks NON STOP and I'm growing bigger and bigger every week. I weigh more than I'd like to say and I'm already thinking of working out once she's here. If I walk for a certain amount of time,my feet get so swollen I look like Fred Flintstone. haha. Excuse my white belly,but I really don't want to tan while pregnant. In the first pic I'm 7 weeks. At the time I took the picture I thought I was fat. I'm a dumbass! Maybe that's why I'm gaining so much weight,to teach me to appreciate my body more. haha. But I realize my body doesn't belong to me,it's Zoe's and the only thing I have to do is eat right and take my prenatals. =)
This coming weekend is going to be a big one,so I'll post pictures and let you know why it was so big!
Hope you Lovely ladies are doing well!


liz said...

aaaa this is so unreal lol.
i feel like im there next to your tummy haha. wow, lil zoe is in there can you believe it!


ZOE ZOE ZOE! you're almost outtt!

Miss Tapia said...

Haha yeah,she's in there punching and kicking like a ninja =) I can't wait to see her!

Marie said...

Wow, time flies!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

thestartsteam said...

Wow, these pics are amazing! I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel : ) I'm happy for the update...Hugs!

Miss Tapia said...

Thank you girls! Even though Zoe kicks all the time,it's still amazing. In a few short months,you'll finally be able to see pictures of her!