Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mini Haul

                                                                    (in plum)
                                                              Salsa and French Kiss
                                                                I have sensitive skin =)
                                                                  A MUST in Arizona
                                                        Also a MUST! I hate stinky pits =/
                                                             $2.50 at the swapmeet!
                                             Mine and Zoe's Vans...aren't they adorable!!


liz said...

haha omgash those little vans are too cute!!!

(last night i saw a commercial for these, and i giggled lol.

check them out they're limited edition!!! GET THEM FOR ZOE!!!

liz said...

ALSO they are for babies that crawl already i think since theyre called little movers, but they ARE limited edition, so get them for when Zoe is bigger! she'll be so stylishh. lol.

more info:

Miss Tapia said...

I saw those too! I'm gonna get them as soon as I can! Thanks =)

Miss Tapia said...
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AnNeTtEe said...

awww... those Vans are uber cute!! haha... ur baby's not even out yet but already a fashionista... haha... I love girls! I think it's 'funner'! haha... (I have 2 boys btw) anyhoo!! just wanted to thank u for stoppin by & followin my blog... & just curious, are u filipina?? coz of ur URL, but u don't look pinay though... no offense meant... coz u r gorgeous girl!! hope u don't mind my nosey ass... hahaha... btw, I looooooove Chambord! it's yummy!!!! =) congrats on ur baby girl & hope to see u around... =) take care!!

Miss Tapia said...

Hey! Thanks for following my blog =)Two boys huh,I bet your hands are full! I don't mind the question at all but I'm actually Mexican American and Native American. Yes,Chambord is so good,I can't wait till I can drink again!

p.s I'm loving your blog!

thestartsteam said...

aahh, those pink vans are so cute! Your baby is going to be stylin' just like her mommy!