Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer must have!

I love Old Navy flip flops,I'm addicted to them. I have been a faithful user for years now and in Arizona during the summer they are a must! I think wedges are also adorable but being pregnant I really don't think that's a good idea,I'm a bit clumsy and I'll end up tripping. =/  I'm a pretty casual dresser so these flip flops go perfect with my outfits. And you can't beat the price...$2.50!!!!
What are your perfect summer shoes?

 My baby shower invites came today! I can't wait to celebrate the big day with my family and friends!

I ordered them from Hallmark. My theme colors are going to be pink and brown. =)


AnNeTtEe said...

wow!! that's a huge ON flipflop collection!! I love those too!! I love the fact that they are so comfortable, cheap & stylish..

thanks for leavin a comment on my blog.. to answer ur Q, yesss!! I loooove Rimmel lippies.. I've only tried the Lasting Finish ones.. they are awesome! they're super moisturizing, won't dry your lips... here's a post showing my 3 Rimmel lippies ...

how's your pregnancy doing?? hope everything is good.. =) take care!!

Miss Tapia said...

Thanks doll! I am definitely going to buy the lipstick now =)

As for my pregnancy,everything is going good,baby is healthy and kicking like a ninja non stop!

AnNeTtEe said...

good to hear that... that's what I miss the most... them kickin like crazy in my tummy.. oh & the hiccups too.. heehee.. i used to trip out on it... LOL

liz said...

OMGOSH! look at those adorable
invites. aaaaaaaghh!

that is too cute, it makes me
want to have a baybayyy! lol

But no, not now. The time will come xD.

Miss Tapia said...

Thank you Liz,it took me a while to choose them but I think they fit with the theme of my shower.

I never wanted kids till I got with my boyfriend. We waited 4 years to decide to have her,so I think we did good. I do worry about her being healthy,safe and having everything she needs and she's not even here yet! So enjoy being young and baby free! =)

thestartsteam said...

Yes! Chanclas are a must! If I lived near you, I would so invite myslef to your babyshower!

Anonymous said...

your naming your daughter ZOE!!! I love that name!!!! Thats my "girl" name, If i ever have one, I have 2 BOYS! :( but its ok, maybe one day! lol...
Im a new follower btw!