Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you serious?

Today I heard the ice cream man. I went outside,stood out there for maybe 10 minutes.He never showed so I came back inside. I heard him getting closer,so I ran back outside. He never showed. I came inside and made some tacos. When I was finished I heard him again but this time I went looking for his ass. Couldn't find him. At this point I'm PISSED and have a serious craving for popcorn and the mexican candy he sells. Well,I figured he wasn't coming back so I went to my room which is at the back of my house and that's when I heard him! So there I go looking like a dumbass,running out my house only to see him FLY BY like a bat out of hell!!!! Grrrr! So I wait...and wait...and wait. Then,I hear him on the next street over so I decide to walk over there....that's when he zooms past and heads even further down the street. I gave up. I hung my head in shame for acting like a fat kid wanting cake.I'm so mad. I stood out there like a dumb ass in the cold waiting for CANDY. Who am I kidding,you know my ass is gonna be out there tomorrow....waiting.

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booboo said...

lol! that sounds like my and my little bro! we've even stopped the car in front of them to get some goodies! mexican candies are the best haha :) hope your enjoying your lipsticks girl! I awarded you a blog award, check out my blog :) You'll get him tomorrow..he'll see! lol :)